Wow, Where Did This Week Go To?

I can’t believe my last post was way back on Monday and it’s Saturday already!

What’s been happening here in Spain?

Well, although I’ve been out and about quite a lot, I don’t seem to have achieved a whole lot in that time. I’ve done a couple of small jobs and worked on some building, but a lot of time has been spent between writing online for my other blogs and some offline stuff that I don’t think is interesting enough to even mention here!

Well, some stuff has to stay private, right?

Where I live here on the coast, we have what is known as an urbanization, which is just a collection of duplex apartments that all surround a large communal garden and pool. The owners of these apartments all belong to the communidad (community) and we have periodic meetings to discuss things like the upkeep of the gardens and pool, general maintenance and that sort of thing.

Well, we had one of those meetings yesterday evening because a lot of people are getting concerned over some of the financial goings on and the administrator who chaired the meeting came under fire from the residents over money that seems to have gone missing from the community’s account! At this point, I’d better mention that we also have an elected community president who is one of the residents and that job is held for one year. Well, this year’s president has done some unpopular things, one of them being appointing a new administrator (the guy who chaired our meeting last night).

The flack was flying from all directions (as you can imagine) and one of the biggest concern was why the president was not present at the meeting!

The arguments went on for ages until one of the residents (who works for the local social security department) accused the administrator of unprofessionalism (he was almost impossible to reach on the phone) and of not paying the social security contributions for the gardeners! With that the administrator slammed shut his brief case and stormed out of the meeting!

There was a lot more going on, but the gist of it all was that the residents want a new president asap and will probably denounce the administrator over the missing money. What a fun evening!

Terry Didcott

An Odd Day on The Costa Del Sol

The title of this post may be a it misleading in that I don’t actually mean it’s an odd day on the Costa Del Sol in general, just an odd day for me in particular!

There I was, happily writing away when my phone rang and I was offered a job interview for this evening. Not that strange, you might think, except it was one of those things I sent a CV off to without ever expecting to get any response to it!

So I dutifully got dressed (well, shorts and a scruffy tee shirt don’t give the best impression) and went off to see what it was all about. It was my kind of interview too, sitting in the street outside a cafe drinking good Spanish coffee – nice and laid back!

Well, it turns out that it’s not my favourite thing in the world to to (working for anyone else in general is not my favourite thing to do) but it seemed like an interesting diversion to bring in some much needed cash and the hours are actually right up my street (only four of them a day).

So I can happily carry on doing what I do online without losing too much of my day to go and earn a crust as a side-line. Of course, I’m working hard towards the day when I won’t have to rely on anyone else for my financial survival in this difficult country (employment-wise). When all these websites and blogs that I’m spending hours working on every day start to really rev up and make money in realistic amounts then I’ll be much happier.

So until that day arrives, I’ll have to make do with a bit of drudgery to pay the bills. Swing low, sweet chariot… well not as bad as that but for someone whose freedom is paramount, pretty damn close!

Terry Didcott

I Managed to Avoid THAT Day!

Yep, I managed to avoid posting anything yesterday – because it was my birthday and I don’t want any more of them – I’m heading towards the big five-o far too quickly and I’m in no great hurry to arrive!

So what else can I talk about?

Well how about life here in Spain? That sounds good to me, as life here is pretty cool. Or make that pretty hot (weather-wise) compared to back in old Blighty where their summer consisted of an almost permanent rain shower!

As summer is officially over now, all the Spanish people have discarded their summer clothes for winter ones – you have to be here to believe it. It’s still in the high 20’s centigrade and they’re wearing long trousers, jumpers (!!!) and jackets already. You won’t catch any of them at the pool either, despite the heat. Well, that’s the way they are and they think us foreigners are weird for still trying to stay cool!

There are still plenty of holidaymakers on the beaches. We walked the dogs down there this morning to enjoy a beautiful sunny day strolling along the beach road. The beach restaurants, cafes and bars are all still doing a good trade and the mood is still holiday-esque.

I’m toying with the idea of adding a few pages to this site on various topics that won’t need too much work to put together but still add value to it with some information of interest to the casual caller. After all, this site wasn’t meant to be on any subject in particular, so a bit of variety should be the order of the day. So if you’re interested in something a little different to my usual scribblings – check out those “other” pages – links are in the sidebar.

Hasta pronto!

Terry Didcott