Rollercoaster Squidoo!

I‘ve been a little up and down this week what with having to work a couple of days offline to keep my wallet full of beer tokens and to keep the larder well stocked. That meant some blogs and sites got to be updated with their usual regularity and some didn’t!

The first side of my little online empire that suffers when my online time gets limited is Squidoo. Despite having 18 lenses and some of them recently garnished with some Page Rank from Google they are the first casualties to fall. That doesn’t mean they instantly lose their search engine popularity – far from it! But they do lose ground in Squidoo’s own internal ranking system, which is never nice to see when you’ve worked hard on them to get them into fairly high positions only to see them slip sometimes quite drastically for not having been updated for a couple of days.

Never mind. It’s a funny old system that soon rewards some TLC and the lenses shoot straight back up there again.

One strange occurrence to report while I’m on the subject of Squidoo lenses. That is my oldest and most heavily content populated lens, The Honest Way (created as an adjunct to my flagship website) which was given a PR3 only the other day suddenly and for no apparent reason, slipped down to a PR2!

I find it hard to work out, as it has the most one-way links of all my lenses and the most content, yet newer and far less populated lenses kept their PR3. Strange!

Not really a problem, as I never expected any of my lenses to be even given a PR, so every one that did get a PR is a bonus, and those that got PR3 is a real boost. Several of my alternative health lenses fall into that category which pleases me no end, as it’s a subject that is very close to my heart. Also, one of my “make money” lenses also got PR3, so that also make me very happy!

But the best received PR3 of all my lenses was my own Terry Didcott lens! Why it got that, I’ll never know as it’s fairly young, hardly has any back-links and not a huge amount of content either – but it really gives my “Self Branding” exercise a real leg up!

Here’s to your continued success!

Terry Didcott

Google Has Spoken!

This is a great time for me as a lot of my sites and blogs got their rewards from Google in the form of a boost in Page Rank. This one (Terry Didcott) didn’t rank this time round, but then it is very new and hasn’t been promoted like my other sites. Next time…

So here’s the run down of how my sites now rank:

3rd Sep 2015 Note: Squidoo lens list removed since the demise of that platform!

So all in all a very good day, especially as my two make money blogs also got PR3, meaning I can use them for paid reviews and really make money!

Good times are ahead…

Terry Didcott

What’s New?

Things are starting to move on the blogging front for yours truly. I’ve already been invited to guest blog at two high profile blogs so far and I’m sure that the paid freelance blogging work will shortly follow.

I’ve just written my first guest blog post over at Trent Brownrigg’s blog and will be doing so on a regular basis. You can read it at: Work At Home Based Business.

Shortly, I’ll also be writing for the WhyDoWork blog making guest appearances every so often.

Add this to my commitment to the JV site I share with Monika Mundell at Blogging Web 2.0 as well as keeping all of my own blogs fed with lots of fresh content and you can see it’s a busy time.

Which is good!

Terry Didcott