Taking Things Easy?

It looks as though I took the essence of my last post to heart somewhat and managed to ignore this blog for more than a few days!

I must have been busy elsewhere – yes, that’s it!

Strangely enough, that’s not far from the truth. I still do a fair amount of work offline which takes me away from my main interest – writing and making money online by building up my online empire of websites, lenses and blogs. When my online time gets limited by my offline working schedule, some things take precedence over others and others simply get forgotten in the overall scheme of things.

As this blog is not involved in the make money department (yet), it has a low priority against those sites and blogs that do, for obvious reasons.

Still, it’s important to keep this one up to date if for no other reason than it happens to be my own name dot com and it would be a bit like neglecting oneself – which one should never do!

So what have I been up to during my limited time online over the past week or so?

Well, I’ve created several new free blogs in some odd but well searched upon niches with little competition, as well as creating some new subdomain websites also in strange niches. As they are not ready to be launched onto the cyber-stage just yet, I’ll keep the links under wraps until I have populated them with some more content and some nice commission-laden items to sell.

I’ve also been looking at PPC advertising once again. It seems that Google still do not require my publishing services for their adsense program, so I’ve been looking at Bidvertiser as a viable alternative.

It isn’t a patch on adsense for the sheer number and variety of advertisers and the functionality is a lot more complex, but there is some money to be made with those nice clickable links that don’t look too unlike Google’s and can be placed wherever they will fit. I’ve also noticed that in certain niches, the cost per click is reasonable enough to warrant my spinning it out to all my blogs and websites.

So you’ll be seeing them here as well soon enough, as I believe the more visited sites I can display them on, the better the income will be from the program.

We shall see how this all works out.

That’s it for now. I’ll make sure I’m back here rather sooner next time!

Terry Didcott

How Often Should You Post?

I was just involved in a comment conversation over at my JV blog, Blogging Web 2.0, which was focused around how often you should post to your blog (or blogs, in my case).

My take on this is that the decision should really be that of the blogger.

As a rather busy blogger myself,it would be impossible to post daily in each and every one of my many blogs, let alone make them all meaningful, informative and interesting to boot. So I believe it’s better to simply go with your daily flow and post to as many blogs as you can come up with good posts for and leave the rest for another day.

As long as blogs don’t get ignored for too long (like I’ve done with my hypnosis blog, ho hum) then your reader numbers won’t suffer at all as long as there is sufficient good reading matter in the first place to keep those readers interested enough in your blog to keep coming back for updates.

As the blogoshphere is huge and diverse in its members, then of course there will be differences of opinion on what is “best” for your blog. If you take too much notice of what every expert is telling you, you’ll drive yourself insane trying to do what is right.

It reminds me of a proverb I once learned as a child.

This short story tells of a peasant man and his son who take their donkey to market to sell, because they are desperate for the money to support the family. They leave home and the father and son walk along leading the donkey by its reins. As they travel along the road to the market the first person they meet looks at them and says to the man, “That’s a perfectly strong donkey, so why do you both walk? Let the boy ride while you lead it to market.”

So the boy gets on the donkey and rides it as they continue on their way to market with the father leading the donkey.

As they travel along the next person they meet looks at them and says to the boy, “You are young and strong, you should let your father ride the donkey while you walk.”

So the boy gets off and allows the father to ride the donkey while he walks leading the donkey by its reins. The next person they meet along the road looks at them and says to the father, “Why do you make your son walk when there is room for you both to ride the donkey?”

So the boy get up on the donkey and rides with his father who holds onto the reins. The next person they meet looks at them ad says, “How terrible for the poor donkey to have to carry the weight of two people, you should be ashamed with yourselves.”

With that both the father and the son get off the donkey and stop for a while to figure this all out. They are admonished for not riding the donkey. They are admonished when only the boy rides and the father walks. They are admonished when only the father rides and the boy walks. They are admonished when both of them ride. So they decide that in all fairness and to prevent any further admonishing from other people, they would carry the donkey themselves to market. So they bind the donkey’s hind hooves together with rope and also its front hooves. They find a long pole which they hang the donkey from by its bound hooves.

Then the man and boy hoist the pole with the donkey attached onto their shoulders and begin to carry it to market.

Unfortunately, the donkey is unhappy by this treatment and struggles against its bindings until it frees itself and runs away. The father and son return home empty handed and broke.

The moral of the story is that you can’t please everyone. By trying, you will end up pleasing no one and you will be the loser.

Now isn’t that the stuff of common sense and reality?

Terry Didcott

Running Your Own Forum

It’s a good idea to create and run your own forum and then use that forum to attract traffic to your website and/or blog. I’ve been running my own forum at The Honest Way for several months now and it works very well. Visitors to the forum read all the posts by the members (that includes the author, me!), who have links in their signatures back to their sites/blogs, which are of course set up to make money!.

It’s a rather long term venture, so you’ll need plenty of patience and determination to stick with it in order to see good results.

The major downside to running a forum is spammers! They soon get to hear about your forum and will begin signing up as bogus members. This starts as a small trickle which is quite manageable. I tend to log into my forum as admin every day and check the profile of each new member because it’s a sad fact that most of them are spammers. Then I simply delete the links they add to their profiles and ban their use ids so that they can’t post anything in the forum itself.

That’s great when there is only that trickle of new members, for instance one or two a day. Unfortunately I found that when the membership exceeded 500, that trickle gained momentum and some days I was starting to see upwards of 20 new spammer sign-ups. That pushes the member numbers up quickly – and a lot of potential real sign-ups look for forums with large memberships to join. It’s only human nature to want to join a forum that can be seen to have lots of members because the belief is that the more members there are, the more people they’ll meet and the more networking they can do. For that reason, you have to allow the spammers in. As long as you ban them as soon as they join and make sure you remove the links they add in their profiles so the search engines don’t notice them.

All the major search engines spider my forum several times each day. That’s good for the website in general because it means the site is also spidered just as often. That’s good for me because it means the SE’s see all of the new content I continually add to that site every day. This can only be good news for retaining a good PR and hopefully improving on it.

So if you’re up for a challenge and you don’t mind some work in maintaining it, running your own forum will increase the traffic to your site/blog, get you spidered by the SE’s regularly and the best bit – make money for you!

Terry Didcott

PS: Alexa today: 664,468