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Its high time I followed my last post Who Unleashed that Blogger?, with something else as time is beginning to pass with greater spans between entries in my flagship blog here. So I shall write on! The money part of the title is just a play on words, as we shall see…

The subject that will soon be on the tips of all bloggers typing fingers is Google Page Rank. Yep, its that time again!

I’ve already noticed the green bar that mark my sites are a changing on some of them. So far, it seems nothing has lost any PR and quite a few have gained a notch. Most notably are some of the expired domains I bought a few months ago with page rank that lost it all in previous page rank shake-ups. A few of them have been recognised by Google and given a PR1 – ok it won’t set the worlkd alight, but its a start as it means Google acknowledge their existence and maybe some of their in-links are starting to show up again. Time may well restore their original page rank.

As it’s early days, its probably not worth speculating on all my many sites just yet, as I’m sure the meter will bounce around a bit for a few days before settling on their final ranks for the next few months until the next change.

Which brings me to the subject of in-links or back links as they are more commonly known in Internet Marketing and SEO circles. It’s pretty clear that in order to make a mark on the search engines’ indexes you need a lot of good quality, one way inbound links to your site. As much as we all know that, the getting of those links is a lot of laborious work that unfortunately has to be done if we want to stand a chance at competing for that first page, never mind the first place on it.

Two problems have evolved from my own program of online business expansion.

The first is my ever growing menagerie of websites, self hosted blogs, free blogs, squidoo lenses, hub pages and the rest. They all need to be tended in order for them to grow, but the more I acquire and develop, the tougher it becomes to keep up with them all. My tally of domains has now exceeded 50. My subdomain sites are now 14. My free blogs tally exceeds 60. My squidoo lens tally exceeds 40. I’ve only just started on hub pages, but have 5 of them already. They all need content and with around 170 individual sites ourt there now, its a real problem getting them all updated with fresh content, never mind writing additional articles to submit to article directories and of course let’s not forget my income generating freelance writing work that takes a big chunk of my day!

Admittedly, a lot of the free blogs and squidoo lenses are there to augment and drive traffic to the main websites, as well as provide additional links and promotional material that will help the main sites to grow. So they don’t need to be updated quite as often as the main sites do. My problem is that now the main sites have grown in such numbers that they themselves are becoming difficult to keep up to date with fresh content and ever more links.

I know that there are software tools that can generate links for a site and they are tempting to use to boost up the sites’ in-link tallies, but those links are very low quality and are only any use simply because of their sheer quantity. How much use they will be in the long run is anybody’s guess. As I’m working for the long term and not short term gain, I’m content to take it at a more natural pace, obtainingthe necessary links I need raise the authority of a smaller selection of my main sites, so that they, in turn, can be used to bring up other sites as I acquire them.

So now the task doesn’t seem quite so daunting as it first did. The sheer number of free blogs (which, incidentally will continue to grow) do not need a great deal of inbound links in order to be useful, as they will probably never need to attain high page rank for themselves as they are not necessarily there to make money for themselves. Also, they are what they are – free blogs. I don’t own them and cannot therefore ultimately control their ultimate fate. They belong to the blog host as does their content, so it make much more sense to me to be working towards getting good page rank and SERPs authority for my own hosted sites as they fall under the category of cyber real estate that I can sell at a later date should I wish to.

Someone made the analogy that I think fits nicely here.

Your own hosted websites and blogs with domains that you own are like a house that you own. You can improve it and then sell it for a profit and buy a better one if and when you choose. Free hosted blogs are like an apartment that you rent. if you want to move to someplace else, you just up and go. If you make any improvements, the owner of the property benefits in the long run, not you.

So while renting has its advantages, like you don’t have to invest money in the property, you also don’t get any of the benefits of its rise in value over time. While you have to invest in your own home on the other hand, you get back the value of any improvements plus it gains in value over time, which you also benefit from.

Just the same as buying your own domains as opposed to renting a free blog. The free blog has its advantages, but you can’t sell it later after you’ve put a lot of work into it to make it great, wheras the same work put into a domain/website that you own will benefit you in the long term with a hefty profit shoudld you decide to sell it.

Food for thought!

Terry Didcott

Who Unleashed that Blogger?

After scaring the living daylights out of everyone in my last post about Freedom Writers and Sedentary Lifestyle, I thought I’d calm the waters a little with an out and out plug for my good friend Vic Franqui’s blog:

Its called Blogger Unleashed but I reckon he’d probably prefer me to anchor it as Make Money

So why am I plugging Vic’s blog?

To get an entry into his competition of course, what else? Ha!

Ok, I’m an honest bloke, so that’s the truth… bet you thought I was going to say “Only joking!”

Well, it’s part of the truth anyway. The other part is that if you haven’t already heard about it then get your nose out of the John Chows and Yaro’s and get on over to Blogger Unleashed, because Vic’s running a very interesting and must-enter competition.

The prize? Never mind what the prize is, it’s only gravy.

The long and the short of it is Vic’s got 100 places on a sort of “blogging for money” mentoring gig that he’s kind enough to do in order to help people out. The first 100 takers who blog about Blogger Unleashed or write a Squidoo page or Hub page or whatever get on the program. That includes the following must-haves that he’ll provide:

Your own blog with a cool theme and OpenAds ready to go, plus his experience and tutorship on setting the blog up to make money. You have to provide the niche (not “make money” or “blogging”) and of course write the content and do the promoting, but Vic’ll tell you how to do it.

The “winner” of this contest, by the way if you’re interested is the one who, by 1st September 2008 has attracted the most organic traffic as measured by Google Analytics.

I put “winner” in quotes, because any one of the 100 who get on this little program are all winners, because Vic will show them how to make money with a blog, tell them where they are going wrong and make constant comparisons with the other 99 – so that everybody does it right.

Oh, there is a small prize for the one with the most SE traffic – but you probably won’t be all that interested in that.

Well, its like a week in some crappy place called Vegas plus a few dollars or so (ok, $500 to be exact) spending money to go to some boring Expo with a load of other money making Internet bozos. Not very appealing, so you won’t really want to win the prize… Mmm…

But with this little beauty it really is not about the winning, but the taking part. Because by taking part, every on of those 100 people have probably the best shot they’ll ever get of really making money from a blog.

Not like all the horseshit that the A-Listers feed their readers, but a real shot at doing it right!

So am I entering for this contest?

Nah, I think I’ll go over to JC’s for some more horseshit…

Yeah, right…. LMAO!!!

Terry Didcott

Freedom Writers and Sedentary Lifestyle

As freedom writer’s posts go, this is quite a rapid turnaround for me after my last post Site Building, considering my work rate. But I came across this topic of freedom writers and sedentary lifestyle and it interested me enough to write my own take on it.

It appears that freedom writers and sedentary lifestyle they lead can have devastating effects on their health. More so if the freedom writers in question do not do any form of exercise to counteract the hours spent sitting in the chair!

This is no idle rambling so often produced by said freedom writer, either! It’s actually quite a disturbing thought. Here are some of the not so palatable facts:

  • In the US about 300,000 deaths occur every year due to inactivity and poor dietary habits
  • 60% of American adults do not engage in recommended amounts of exercise
  • Less affluent individuals tend to be less active than affluent individuals
  • Disabled people are less likely than people with no disabilities to engage in moderate physical activity
  • Women in the US tend to be more sedentary than men
  • By the age of 75, approximately 50% of women and 33% of men do no physical activity
  • Less active adults are at greater risk of dying of heart disease and developing chronic ailments such as colon cancer, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes
  • Nearly 60 million Americans have a form of heart or blood vessel disease

That’s not very pleasant reading!

It has become common knowledge that it is so important to get regular exercise, on a daily basis in order to stave off health problems that can arise from doing too little or no exercise at all. Yet so many people ignore the warnings and carry on doing as little as possible regardless of the consequences.

That, unfortunately also includes many writers and sedentary lifestyles that literally “come with the job.”

Well, I’m not going to preach about what you and I should be doing to avoid the health problems that can occur due to belonging to the writers and sedentary lifestyle group! We already know and no amount of ear bashing will change anything.

The only person who can make that change in my case is, after all, only me.

Lucky for me then that I have two dogs that I walk twice a day and add to that the fact that I live in a very hilly area, so it means walking up and down some pretty steep hills! That is good exercise as it makes me work a lot harder than simply strolling along a flat road. And dogs don’t know the meaning of the word “stroll”either! They want to run everywhere and so its a tug of war all the way.

Exercise should be fun and I can’t think of anything more rewarding than walking the dogs. So despite falling into the category of writers and sedentary lifestyle, I’m getting some exercise daily, but I often wonder if its enough. Better than some.

That’s about it for this freedom writers and sedentary lifestyle post. I hope you’re all getting your daily dose of increased heart rate and limb movement!

Terry Didcott