Make Paella Online

Well, I hadn’t intended really going through with this, but then the silly side of it sort of hit me and I thought, what the hell… This blog is, after all my own creation and I get to fill it with whatever lunacy I want, so I decided to abandon the make money online niche for a while and pursue the make paella online niche instead.


Well, it’s obvious, isn’t it? The make money online niche is so saturated with wannabe marketers all clamouring for the same pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that I thought, why follow the madding crowd when I can change tack completely and go after the relatively unspoilt spoils of the make paella online niche. Just to reinforce the viability of this niche, you have to realise that there is very little competition and I hear the rewards are pretty good. If you like paella, that is!

But 40 million Spaniards can’t be wrong and to be honest, it is quite tasty stuff!

So how much paella can you make online?

Well, I reckon there is a lot of paella to be made online for those who know where to look for it. Remember, you need to build up an authority site with 100 or so posts about paella and the many ways of making fast paella online. Then you have to get lots of backlinks to it, but probably not as many as those crowds of hopefuls all climbing over each other for that valuable commodity, oh yeah I think its called Scotch mist cause most of them won’t be getting their hands on any hard cash because most of the real make money is heading to a remote fishing lodge in Canada…

Well, then you sit back and wait for all that paella to start rolling in by the truckload, cause everyone else is looking the other way and no one has figured out how rich you can be with a garage full of paella. It stands to reason that this is a very lucrative niche to get into, not least of all because Google couldn’t care less if you want to target the make paella online keyword (and all its long tails) because who in their right mind would want to waste their valuable SEO knowledge on such an uncompetitive niche?

Ha, fools! You are all going after MMO and I’m going to make more than most of you by going after MPO!

Yes, SERPs domination is within my reach and nobody is going to stop me. Today the rice, tomorrow the fish! Wold domination is the only possible outcome to my fiendishly cunning stunt…

Ok, that’s enough crap, cause the dogs want to go out for their walk. Bye…

Update 23rd August:
Ok, joking aside, I just looked and I rank No1 for “Make Paella Online” without the quotes. Told you I’d be dominating this niche really fast and before you can say, “Shit the pan’s on fire!” I’m up there with the real big hitters. By the way, that’s without any of that fancy SEO crap that in all honesty is totally useless to you once your name is known to The Almighty Ones. Yep, don’t even bother trying to game the system or start crowing about your success in your blog, cause you’ll get shat upon. That’s one thing you can count on.

Now when it comes to working any niche, when you find a good one, work it really hard. Squeeze it like you were trying to get blood out of a stone and when you start getting a flow, don’t let go! That’s another way of saying: “Never give up!”

Terry Didcott

Success and How it Comes

Terry Didcott is back after something of a break from his own blog! Ok, I have a lot to do online and most of it involves earning money as that’s a reasonable priority!

Well of course it is! As the Internet is my sole source of income, it makes sense to make sure that it keeps doing that. When everything is chugging along nicely, then I’ll have more time to write fanciful blog posts and irreverent musings that don’t actually earn any cash but are for enjoyment only. So here’s why that’s a bad idea right now.

Anyone who has ever tried to make their living online knows that at first it is not easy. In fact it’s bloody hard and most people give up out of frustration and the fact that the wads of tenners don’t come falling out of the sky for them.

But for every person who gives up, another starstruck newbie takes their place. After seeing all the amazing claims of how you can make several thousand dollars practically overnight if you just buy this latest foolproof ebook for $97 , they get their credit cards out and buy into the dream. Three months later, when they haven’t made a red cent, they go back to stacking shelves at the local supermarket…

Its the same old same old. Most Internet marketers who have been around for a while can see this as clearly as mud because they’ve been there and done it and bought the tee shirt along with the odd ebook or several. Then they fall into line with the big marketers who are flogging all this crap to noobs and making a small fortune and try to copy them. That doesn’t really work either, because the big marketers have got most of the traffic sewn up and all that’s left are the dregs.

Well, you can’t live on dregs.

There is another way and its the way I’ve been working for a while. I started out writing articles and that generated an income online. Something that most noobs don’t see because it involves work. Why would they want to work when the dream promises them thousands of dollars if they buy this ebook? Working is for dorks who are too stupid to see that if they just follow the instructions in this great ebook, they will be millionaires overnight. Or something like that.

Yeah, right.

Well, us dorks might be working but we’re not starving! The upshot of all this is that while writing to make money to eat and pay the bills, I’ve been building up my portfolio of websites, mini-sites, blogs etc that are now making pretty good money. That money comes from the ads that my sites serve, not from flogging some crap ebook that promises the world and delivers nothing but a headache.

And this stuff works!

It really works and it is a passive, residual income that continues to grow as I continue to build more sites. So to anyone out there who is looking at the latest hyped up ad selling a non-existent dream for $97, or $67 or whatever, do yourselves a favour and think twice before getting your credit card out. There is a catch, there always is. Think about this:

If the person who wrote that ebook really did know how to make the huge amount of money they claim they can, why the hell would they share it with anyone else and create a load of competition?

Exactly, they wouldn’t!

I’ll leave you with that thought while I go and eat out today… because I’m really making my living online and I do it through my own hard, honest work. So I can afford to!

Terry Didcott