A Work Ethic

Hi again to all who drop in here from time to time. Incidentally, this is an original article written by me for www.terrydidcott.com and is therefore protected by copyright laws, so no copying! As I often remark these days, I don’t get all that much time to write in here, or in my other blogs, mainly because I’m actually busily working on building my small empire of online real estate. So if writing in your blog doesn’t constitute building that empire, then what does?

My work ethic when it comes to that side of my business is all about which blog and what that blog (or static website) is being used for. It may come as no great surprise to those of you know know better, that a social oriented blog such as this one is not designed as a money making entity within my network of sites. As such, I’m not about to waste too much of my time writing in a place that doesn’t contribute to my monthly income, which is wholly derived from the Internet. That time is best spent in working on sites that are designed to make money for me. Because after all, its how I pay the bills, buy the stuff I want and go out and treat myself and my partner to a nice meal or day out somewhere in this beautiful country we live in.

So now you know why I’m not all that visible in social forums, commenting on everyone else’s blogs and doing all the time sapping social things that I see far too many so-called Internet Marketers doing. Ok, I poke my head around the door occasionally because I know its good form to show my face here and there, but not to the extent where it deprives me of income. So why do so many people do it? I mean spend all their time conversing with a whole group of other people in those social forums and meeting places.

Why indeed. They’re either at the stage in the online careers where all their money making websites are on “set-and-forget” and they’re enjoying the rewards of their previous years of hard work to get to where they are today. Or they’re not making enough money to eat!

So that brings me full circle to what I mean by setting myself a work ethic that I stick to by and large. I set out to spend the bulk of my working day on building my money making websites and blogs so they can earn enough money between them to give me a decent living. That involves a lot of laborious, repetitive work in link building and writing keyword relevant articles to send those links to on the sites that are designed to make money from organic search traffic. They are all building into their own “set-and-forget” format so as one site is complete, I can move on to the next one, ever building the income streams with a goal in mind that will mean financial security for the rest of my life.

Its a work ethic that, if more people embraced it, would see far more success stories of online entrepreneurship than there are now, for which there are painfully few.

Terry Didcott