WordPress Do Not Allow Ads on Their Free Blogs?

I have a hate-hate relationship going with WordPress at the moment. On the one hand, I used to like that I could create a free blog on a sub domain of wordpress.com to increase my spread of links to my sites and as long as I didn’t use any spamming tactics or put up any advertising, I was good to go.

Well, that would have been fine until the over zealous overseers of that platform decreed that one of my old blogs was spam. Bollocks, it wasn’t spam. It was actually filled with originally written articles on a subject that I happen to know a lot about. The problem is that subject happens to be weight loss. So some dickhead decided that they didn’t like my blog and they went ahead and deleted it. My request for a reconsideration fell on deaf ears.

I wouldn’t have minded if it had been spam, or if I had been breaking their rules by putting up ads. But that blog was totally legit. Over twenty real posts of original articles of around 500 words apiece. That dickhead just cannot have liked weight loss as a subject, I guess. Maybe he or she was overweight and in denial or something. Or maybe they just didn’t like anyone letting on how to lose weight for free. I dunno.

But that’s not why I’m writing this short angry post. Here’s why.

Check this piece of obvious piece of advertising out: edietsreviews.wordpress.com (link removed)

Not only is it a blatant advertising page, it is a bloody WEIGHT LOSS advertising page. Unbelievable!

WordPress is obviously run or moderated or whatever by a bunch of two faced, failed parking warden morons with extremely annoying double standards. I hope they drown in their own putrid, egotistical self-aggrandizement (American spelling) along with any more advertising blogs they are still allowing to remain published. You might notice that blog has been up since 2009.

Its been there two years and no one noticed!

Sour grapes? You bet!

Ah well, who needs ’em! At the time, I just relocated the posts from my deleted blog onto my own self hosted site network, links intact and moved on.

This only came to light as I came across that wordpress blog during some keyword research for eDiets review since I have an article on one of my own sites gunning for a place in the serps here: http://health-image.com/ediets/ediets-review/ (shameless plug).

Some people still like free WordPress blogs… just not me any more.

Squidoo Do the Dirty on Affiliate Marketers

I just happened to check on one of my better performing Squidoo lenses today because I’d noticed a drop om affiliate sales coming from it. In fact a drop in affiliate sales coming from all of my lenses. Why should this be I wondered?

I know there has been some devaluation in Google’s search index of such web 2.0 properties like Hub Pages and Ezine Articles, but for the most part Squidoo has been left alone. Sure a lot of my lenses have dropped a little in the SERPs, probably a by-product of the recent and on-going changes that Google are making to their algorithm. But even with some of the low competition buying keywords that my Squidoo lenses are targeting, they were still ranking high enough to attract visitors looking to buy the product the lens was promoting, and converting into sales.

But as I said, sales have dropped noticeably and I needed to know why. Now I do.

First some background. For a several months, I’d known about a neat trick you could do with lenses to improve the conversion rate of affiliate sales by getting at least one ad banner above the fold. You could place the code in the lens bio with a couple of lines of text and that banner would more often than not be the one that got most clicks and most conversions into sales.

If you put ad banners inside text modules, the highest one is still below the fold because of the way Squidoo sets out their page design to place their own or adsense ads highest. Fair enough, its their site and their business which we are contributing to by building the lenses, for which lensmasters get a small reward from their revenue sharing scheme. It is only small change, but the value of lenses was increased many fold by being able to use a squidutils banner in the bio box to attract clicks and sales.

But no more. Squidoo have done the dirty on affiliate marketers using this necessary trick. They have somehow altered the bio box so that the code from squidutils (or any other affiliate banner code) does not display any more.

You know what?

I’m just about sick to the back teeth with these greedy buggers who run web 2.0 sites like that and pissball about with the earning potential of the handful of marketers who know what the hell they are doing.

Like me.

Well I’m done with them if that’s the way they are going to undermine the hard work I put into building and ranking their site for them. I’ll be looking at unpublishing those lenses I set up to sell affiliate stuff and once the content is de-indexed from Google, I’ll be putting it up on my own sites and taking ALL the earnings for myself. Geez, don’t these guys want our business?

Terry Didcott