I’m Terry Didcott!

Welcome to my own self-branding blog/site!

It’s main function is to raise my own profile as a writer, blogger, SEO, Internet Marketer and website designer. To that end, I linked to some of my other blogs, websites and other online properties in my opening (first) post. This way anyone who might be interested in my services can follow through to all of my work online and see for themselves.

I used to be available as a freelance blogger and article writer for hire, but not any more. Please see my “Hire Me” page for details.

This is also where I keep an eye on some of my other sites on lots of different topics, just to keep things interesting!

I live on the Costa del Sol in southern Spain with my partner, Janice and our daughter as well as our dog Mia. I’m busy working online on several projects which create me a decent income so I don’t have to do anything else.

I don’t work for anyone. Just me. I keep my own hours, take a break or a day off when I want to and never have to suffer the indignation of having a “superior” appraise my work, my potential or my character. I am accountable to me and only me. That’s the way it has to be.

I have only one rule: There are no f**king rules!

Terry Didcott