Heath Ledger Not Really Dead

Heath Ledger Not Really Dead would have made a really stunning headline in the press today, except for the fact that its not true. This freedom writer has heard enough to spur him on to make this back-to-front post in the wake of the news that the actor Heath Ledger threw his life away.

What if it were true and Heath Ledger not really dead but just so out of it on drugs that he was mistaken for being dead? That would have to be a helluva trip and he would be looking at one mother of a headache when he comes round! Assuming of course that Heath Ledger not really dead, just totally whacked out on bad substances.

Of course all that is purely speculation and he might just have been popping a few sleeping pills, or something. Or maybe he had a screen double that he promised to pay really well if he, erm, you know…
Well, if it were true that Heath Ledger not really dead, then can you imagine the meetings up and down the country in newsrooms and newspaper editors’ offices? A freedom writer’s nightmare! So unless someone, somewhere is having an enormous jape at our expense, then you can probably safely assume that the headline “Heath Ledger Not Really Dead” is false and he really did kill himself with drugs.

Which makes it yet another pointless waste of a life.

Here’s a freedom writer’s opinion, for what its worth. How absolutely annoying for all working people who struggle to make ends meet week in and week out and there’s that privileged bastard who’s given the chance in life that 99% of us will never get and he goes and throws it down the toilet.

Well, some people just don’t know they’re born. Heath Ledger not really dead?

I guess he was a long time ago.

Freedom Writer
Terry Didcott