Hire Me!

If you need the services of a top quality freelance writer to add top quality, short articles to your blog or website, I’m NOT available any more. Sorry, but my IM business is too time absorbing these days and to be honest, I make better money at that than I can writing. Plus my business creates a passive income – in other words it makes money while I sleep – something that as far as writing goes, with the best will in the world even I cannot do!

Do Not Hire Me!

I’m not closing any doors, so here are my prices, in US dollars – if I were ever to be tempted back into writing (which is unlikely) – it will be reassuringly expensive.


Single blog post minimum 300 words : $30

Single blog post minimum 400 words : $40

Any special blog post requests for greater than 500 words can be arranged on a per post basis using the above pricing ($0.10 per word) as a general rule.

Private commissions for multiple blog posts or articles can also be arranged on a per commission basis with a discount on the above single post prices.

I’m also available as a freelance article writer. Here’s my tariff for full rights articles by word length:

Current Fees:

Article minimum 500 words : $50

Article minimum 700 words : $70

Article minimum 1000 words : $100

Please feel free to contact me via email at the email address below:
info @ thehonestway.com

Leave me your contact email so that we can progress your request and finalize all the details. At least you could if I were still available. Which I’m not, by the way.

Thank you for your interest.

Reservations: I reserve the right to decline any proposal at my own discretion for any reasonable reason that I deem appropriate and will state that reason to the proposer. My decision is final.

Terry Didcott