Freelance Writer’s Big Happy Family

In my last post Being a Freelance Writer, I did rather belabour the point about my being disorganised and haphazard in the way that I work. Well, you’ll be pleased to hear that nothing has changed on that front! Ha! I bet you thought I was going to say I’d taken on board the organising skills of a time management expert to find a solution to my problem…

LMAO!! I don’t see this as a problem, so just as a pig is happy rooting around in its muddy sty, I’m happy being myself.

But today, that’s not the purpose of this post nor the reason I’m actually in the frame of mind to post it. I wanted to highlight a page I’ve created in this site which is for my many friends I’ve made online during my two years hammering away at the Internet Marketing game. These are people who have either helped me along the way or have become friends with similar interests and aspirations. I believe that to succeed online, you have to have friends because its a damned hard slog on your own.

Of course that’s not to say you can’t succeed alone and I’m sure many people do quite well for themselves either because of it or despite it. But its a little easier when you have people who can help you out with the things that you can’t do yourself.

Along the way, I’ve had plenty of site building and coding problems that I just couldn’t figure out on my own and others have jumped in to help me, for which I am very grateful. Likewise, when I was floundering around not knowing how I was ever going to make money online, there were people there who helped with solid methods and techniques that really do work. The list of ways in which people have helped me is long and varied, but suffice it to say, I’m glad they were there when I needed them and I also believe that you should do unto others as you would want them to do unto you.

So I’ve been giving back wherever I can in my forum and various blogs. What I’ve learned over the past two years, I happily give back as free information on my other sites such as, and to name just a few.

There is another way that I can say thank you to everyone I know and that’s in giving some link juice to their sites by way of a list of links on a special page I’ve provided just for that purpose. There I can keep everyone together and see at a glance if I’ve missed anyone out!

So if you haven’t spotted the page yet, its sitting up in my navigation bar just under my strange staggered image of myself at the top of the page called simply Tel’s Friends.

It’s not originally my idea to do something like this. In fact it has been around probably longer than I have in one form or another. More recently the “do follow” group of blogs came into being and the D-List was formed, being a list of links to blogs that all allowed comment links to be followed by the search engine bots to give their owner some link juice. That sort of died when certain search engines altered the way they give authority to certain types of links, meaning blog comment links became pretty worthless if you were trying to build authority.

A better way to do this was kicked off publicly by my good friend Griz at his Make Money Online blog which I had a small hand in helping to bring into being in his page Friendz of Griz, which that link will take you to if you click it.

It’s all about helping your friends who have helped you in the past or who are likely to carry on helping you in the future because they’re friends!

Isn’t it nice to read about one of the really positive aspects of the Internet Marketing fraternity on the web every now and again? Some of us are actually nice people!

Terry Didcott

Working Through The Night

In my last post Am I Doing Too Much?, I looked at the problems with overloading with work and trying to squeeze more into what time is available during the long, online working day. Good place to do this seeing as I’ve managed to keep myself up all night with a certain project that needed more time than I had available yesterday, so it looks like I had to rob the sleeping hours to get it done. Its 6 am now and I can’t believe I just worked all through the night!

Now its time for an update on where things are regarding the changeover to a new server.

Its something that had to happen before too long as my tally of domains continues to rise I was fast outgrowing the old shared host. Time to upgrade to a reseller account and give all those domains their own individual account within the umbrella of a main host.

Nice idea until you start to move the sites across.

In my case, as usually seems to happen it has not been a smooth transition. Sure, Hostgator offer to move up to 30 domains to a new account, but there are problems with that. Apparently, they move them all into a single account on the reseller, so you have to then move them into their individual accounts after than anyway. So I decided I’d so all 60 or so domains myself. Luckily, I didn’t have the extra load of one of those blog host packages that would have really made a lot of work!

There was another good reason to do it myself in that most of the WordPress blogs hadn’t been upgraded from 2.3 (and in some cases 2.2) to this current version of 2.51 which meant several of the tables in the databases were no longer compatible. Ho hum. That’s the reason you currently only see the one category in this blog – I couldn’t do a straight copy, so I’m going to have to alter each individual post and give it a new category. Which will play havoc with any inbound links I have going to deep pages.

Fun, fun, fun.

At this point in time, I have moved everything except my largest site, The Honest Way. I’ve just finished upgrading the forum so that I can at least migrate that over without (I hope) too many problems tomorrow. Everything else is ready to go then I can give Hostgator back their shared account and get on with building more websites on this bigger and more resilient server…

Anyone thinking along the same lines would de well to get prepared first by upgrading all your blogs to the latest version of WordPress. And if you’re going to move off a cheapie shared host to a reseller, best do it before you have accumulated too many domains – it’ll make the move easier with fewer!

Now where did I leave that coffee…

Terry Didcott

Am I Doing Too Much?

Following my last post Write On The Money, where I gave you some idea of the mountain of sites that I seem to have created over the past year or so, I’ll carry that theme on in some way with a shorter post asking the question “Am I doing too much?”

Well, if you count up the hours I spend in front of this thing every day – that’s seven days a week – it can seem overwhelming. I spend upwards of 12 hours a day constantly writing, building websites and populating them with all the things that they need to be populated with. Add to that the occasional battles with hackers, the more constant wrestling with spammers in the forum I run, not to mention keeping up a presence in there so the members know their forum is being run by someone and you have a recipe for a full schedule of work.

But that’s not all.

What about the freelance writing?

Oh yes, that. That’s the part that keeps my paypal account fluid so that I can keep buying more domains, pay for hosting and any other business related software or tools that I may need. It also pays the bills, which some may consider to have some importance in running a household. Mmm.

I’m currently in the middle of a 200 article job that is keeping me more than just a little busy, so that takes precedence over everything else. Whatever time I have left at the end of the day after completing my daily quota of freelance work is for building more sites, checking out the expired domains lists for anything interesting, writing some articles for SEO and in-links to my newer sites and finally, if there’s any time left at all – I’ll write a blog post in one of my established blogs.

Like this one tonight!

Now, many bloggers who poke their heads around the corner here and in some of my other older, established blogs might be forgiven for thinking that I’m letting these blogs go downhill by not updating them regularly. Well, that’s not the case.

I don’t judge my blogs’ performance on the number of feed readers I have or even the number of social visitors I get. While they are important as its good to have people read what you write. Or it gets pretty lonely writing to a audience of the dog sitting on my lap – and he can’t read! But of importance when it comes to earning an income online from these blogs, which is their prime reason for existing and why I’m paying for hosting rather than doing it on free blog platforms.

I have plenty of those too, which I write on just for the fun of writing. But what makes money online is attracting good numbers of organic search traffic from the search engines for certain keyword terms. They are the people that will generate the income by clicking on affiliate links etc, whereas social visitors tend not to.

I believe I’ve written about this ad nauseum in other blogs of mine, so I won’t labour the point here. Suffice it to say that I’ll make entries in my older blogs just to keep them current and updated in th eeyes of the search engines rather than those of the readers, because – hate to say it – the search engines provide my bread and butter visitors.

That’s why I’m putting so much effort into so many new websites, squidoo lenses, Hub Pages and blogs. They are all part of the master plan to raise the authority and traffic of my main sites, which can make money for me in the niches they occupy only by ranking highly enough to be attracting organic search traffic.

So back to my original question. “Am I doing too much?”


But then I should follow that question with “Is it really necessary?”

The only answer to that, assuming I don’t want to go back to working 9 to 5 for some asshole boss who demands a “yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir” attitude, is a resounding YES!

Terry Didcott