What’s this Wet Stuff?

The Costa Del Sol is a strange place when it comes to the weather. July and August are normally sun, sun, and more sun and we have droughts and the golf courses all get blamed for using up all the water etc.

But what is this? It rained! In August! Admittedly, it only lasted for a couple of hours, and it was VERY local – we got the full brunt of it here in Fuengirola – in those two hours the car park of the local aquapark was three feet underwater! Spanish drainage is simply not geared up for rain. But it didn’t even dampen the streets of Malaga, 15kms along the coast!

Very strange.

Well, the sun came out again and everything was back to normal in a few hours (apart from some flooded carburettors). Now its Saturday and it’s overcast again. Two days in August!

So much for global warming. How dare a bunch of clouds interrupt my August while I’m taking the mick out of all my friends in perma-rainy England!

Terry Didcott

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