Freedom Writers PR Chaos Again!

After my last post Freedom Writers Building a Self Hosted WordPress Blog, its time to take a break and talk about PR.

Yep, its that time again. Google Page Ranks are a changin’ across the blogging board once again. Strange thing is that its a good month early, taking the schedule from past times, where there was a rough three months in between PR changes. This time it was only two!

So how has this Freedom Writers fared with his army of sites?

Not that well, actually. Only a couple of PR increases on smaller sites – this one looks like staying the same at PR2 despite all the back-links I’ve been gathering. My Honest Way sites stay at PR3 and my newer sites all stay the same PR0.

Some of my Squidoo lenses have gained PR2 and the Honest Way lens got demoted to Unranked again – who on Earth knows why? It doesn’t contain any duplicate content, no bad links or anything I can see to make it lose the PR2 it had from last time. So I’m at a loss there.

Anyhow, a lot of the PR debate is pretty much moot now that we can’t use the PR to make money from Advertisers (who, let’s face it really only wanted the PR link juice), or write paid reviews, so PR isn’t much use.

My newer Money Hints site, which is PR0 sits in second spot at Google for its main long tail keyword, Fast Make Money and has been there for a few weeks now. There are many hundreds of higher PR sites sitting below it and none of them look like they’re going to knock it off its perch anytime soon!

Add to that some of my free blogger blogs have acquired some PR, so its a strange area in the blogging arena.

Ho hum, back to freedom writers writing…

Terry Didcott

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