Freedom Writers Block

My last post Freedom Writers SubDomain Sites, got thoroughly into the topic of using subdomains for keyword targeting sites where top level domains simply aren’t available in the niche you want to target. Well, leading on from that post and on the subject of keywords, I think I’ve just made a large freedom writers blooper!

I’ve been relying on a certain keyword tool which shall remain nameless to get me the stats on keywords for my sites to target in order to drive some decent organic search traffic to them, but I have to say that sometimes that information can be unreliable.

Yep, I’m not too sure what to think at the moment, because there is a very good one a Wordtracker that contradicts the “other” keyword tool on monthly (or daily) searches on certain long tail keywords. One is the very keyword I’ve been using for this site – Freedom Writer.

It seems that the conflict has arisen between the plural (freedom writers) form of that keyword and the singular. That, in (English) English is the difference between bollock and bollocks!

I’ve been targeting the singular which I was led to believe had a good monthly search statistic, whereas in actual fact, its the plural (freedom writers) that gets all the bloody traffic – something like over 300 a day compared with only a paltry 9 a day for the singular, which is quite frankly utter bollocks!

So now I’ve got to go back and do some changing – adding the all-important “s” to my keywords and also to go begging my linking partners to alter the anchor text (no small task).

Freedom writers it is from now on.


Terry Didcott
Freedom Writers