Write Something!

I’ve been so busy lately with building my other sites up with content that I’ve neglected this one and I suppose I really shouldn’t as its supposed to be my personal window onto the cyber world where I can be just me. That is the me who is not constantly hammering away at making a living online from all that writing and website building!

So what can I reveal in here that is happening my own little corner of the world? Well, I don’t really want to give too much personal info away as I believe a person’s personal life should remain just that. After all, if I’d really craved the limelight and wanted every Tom, Dickhead and Harry to know everything about me, I would have pushed myself into the media world and tried to make a name for myself. Nope, that stuff is for the beautiful people to have all to themselves and they’re welcome to it.

I like a quiet life and that’s pretty much what I live, except for those times when I get together with the band and play a gig… Yes, I’m back in the music scene here on the Costa del Sol after an 18 month layoff and playing in a band that tends to attract big biker gigs here! Oh, yes there is a big biker scene down here and there are a good few places where they love to get together and have big events, for which they like to have a loud band that plays our brand of rock/blues loud and gritty!

But apart from that, family life remains quiet, relatively private and very, very nice.

So what about the online business? I thought you’d never ask!

Well, I have had my best year to date so far and all that hard work is paying off from multiple sources and a variety of websites that have struck fairly rich veins in their relative niches. Other than that, I’m not really going to go on about how I do it or why. I’ll leave that for a post in one of my Internet Marketing blogs if I ever get around to it. If you are wondering, I don’t post much in them either as they don’t make much money, as it seems that particular niche is tougher than I want to be bothered with right now.

That’s about all I’m going to say right now, because the time it takes me to write a post in here (that will earn me nada) I can be writing an article for one of my niche sites that will make me some decent coin. I know what I’d rather be doing!

Hasta luego…

Terry Didcott