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Well, I hadn’t intended really going through with this, but then the silly side of it sort of hit me and I thought, what the hell… This blog is, after all my own creation and I get to fill it with whatever lunacy I want, so I decided to abandon the make money online niche for a while and pursue the make paella online niche instead.


Well, it’s obvious, isn’t it? The make money online niche is so saturated with wannabe marketers all clamouring for the same pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that I thought, why follow the madding crowd when I can change tack completely and go after the relatively unspoilt spoils of the make paella online niche. Just to reinforce the viability of this niche, you have to realise that there is very little competition and I hear the rewards are pretty good. If you like paella, that is!

But 40 million Spaniards can’t be wrong and to be honest, it is quite tasty stuff!

So how much paella can you make online?

Well, I reckon there is a lot of paella to be made online for those who know where to look for it. Remember, you need to build up an authority site with 100 or so posts about paella and the many ways of making fast paella online. Then you have to get lots of backlinks to it, but probably not as many as those crowds of hopefuls all climbing over each other for that valuable commodity, oh yeah I think its called Scotch mist cause most of them won’t be getting their hands on any hard cash because most of the real make money is heading to a remote fishing lodge in Canada…

Well, then you sit back and wait for all that paella to start rolling in by the truckload, cause everyone else is looking the other way and no one has figured out how rich you can be with a garage full of paella. It stands to reason that this is a very lucrative niche to get into, not least of all because Google couldn’t care less if you want to target the make paella online keyword (and all its long tails) because who in their right mind would want to waste their valuable SEO knowledge on such an uncompetitive niche?

Ha, fools! You are all going after MMO and I’m going to make more than most of you by going after MPO!

Yes, SERPs domination is within my reach and nobody is going to stop me. Today the rice, tomorrow the fish! Wold domination is the only possible outcome to my fiendishly cunning stunt…

Ok, that’s enough crap, cause the dogs want to go out for their walk. Bye…

Update 23rd August:
Ok, joking aside, I just looked and I rank No1 for “Make Paella Online” without the quotes. Told you I’d be dominating this niche really fast and before you can say, “Shit the pan’s on fire!” I’m up there with the real big hitters. By the way, that’s without any of that fancy SEO crap that in all honesty is totally useless to you once your name is known to The Almighty Ones. Yep, don’t even bother trying to game the system or start crowing about your success in your blog, cause you’ll get shat upon. That’s one thing you can count on.

Now when it comes to working any niche, when you find a good one, work it really hard. Squeeze it like you were trying to get blood out of a stone and when you start getting a flow, don’t let go! That’s another way of saying: “Never give up!”

Terry Didcott

22 thoughts on “Make Paella Online”

  1. MAKE PAELLA ONLINE sounds like quite an exciting niche.

    Certainly something that many of us could be passionate about! 🙂

    1. Ha! Just wait until I get started on my next niche – Make Chorizo Online – its more meaty than paella!

  2. Really great read – are you having fun with it? Keep up the good work and good luck with your site!

  3. I love paella – in fact it was hard to get past in on the menu on our last trip to Spain! In fact I think you are leaving money on the table with this one Terry – you don’t just want a blog about paella you want an entire membership site with forced continuity of a tribe of people who really want to learn how to make paella online with yourself as the genius guru!

    1. The Paella Tribe is a dead cert to be a winner. I can retire tomorrow on the proceeds and sit on a beach drinking cold beers and eating, yeas, paella all day! Yay! …Hang on, I can do that now…

  4. 🙂 Lissie is right, a “make paella online” membership site would be great! If you taught your members how to eat paella online, you could get rich, because they’d never manage to properly master this art.

    1. Ha! I’m already writing my “How to Get Rich: Make Paella Online” ebook and double opt-in squeeze page mini site to lure all those easy money seeking noobs! Resistance is useless!

  5. Nice post and it would seem that great minds are thinking alike (not that my mind is necessarily great) as it was just a few days ago that I wrote my latest hubpage entitled how to dominate any made up keyword.

    1. Thanks Scott. Yeah, nice hub – its easy to do it, but in reality the rewards in terms of the green stuff are not much better than zero!

  6. Terry the Paella A-Lister. 🙂

    I’m just imagining the fun that should ensue when all of your and Griz’s readers start googling Make Paella Online over and over to check your rank… and then some poor guy who’s never read Griz finds this “awesome keyword about paella!” and builds a site to compete…

    1. Now that would be funny – all those searches showing up in the Google keyword tool and someone will think they’re on to something! Even funnier it would take a new site several months to knock me off the top by which time they probably would have given up the niche as being too competitive!

  7. Congrats! you’re now on top rank (#1) for ‘Make Paella Online’, you need to update the latest results. 🙂

    btw, Paella is my favourite too, but Philippine style… 😛

    1. That’s cool, I saw that I was number 1 yesterday but never got around to updating the post. Not that it’s all that much to crow about but its good fun to mess about with these things from time to time!

  8. Your comment about finding a niche and working it hard is truly the golden rule not only of freelancing, but finding satisfaction and success in most jobs. Making sure you fill a gap like no one else can is the quickest way to success. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    1. You’re welcome. That’s so true about anything we do in life. Whatever you use the Internet for to make money, it mirrors the real world in more ways than many newbies realize, often not until its too late.

  9. Hey – I’m #9 and Lissie is #10. Not bad for 5 seconds of work. I imagine the search traffic is just pouring in Terry? 🙂

    1. Hey Griz, I think between us we’ll wrap this niche up nicely and then head for the next easy kill! Search traffic is so amazing I’ll be retiring tomorrow for sure LMAO!

  10. All your readers must appreciate this information on how to make paella online but really meaning how to make money online. I know I do. Thanks for this very tongue in cheek post!

  11. Bugger – I’ve dropped to page 3 for make paella online – I think I need a follow up so that my huge earnings don’t tank LOL

    1. LMAO it must be getting more competitive meaning you’ll have to put in a load of work to maintain any ranking in this damn difficult niche!

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