Who Needs a List?

Hi everyone, I’m back after another month’s absence from my own blog and my last post Writing for Who Exactly?. This long absence is pretty awful but also tells its own story. I’m busy with all the stuff I do online and that means doing the rounds to all my blogs takes longer. So posts are naturally fewer and farther between.

Well, now you know, so let’s not waste any more time in trying to explain what doesn’t really need explaining! So what’s this post all about? Who needs a list? What kind of a list is he talking about?

I’m talking about what Internet Marketer’s call “The List” which is a list of harvested names and email addresses taken from opt-in forms that offer a free giveaway of some kind. Every good Internet Marketer is busy building his or her own list. The List is what we will eventually sell stuff to, as such marketers who have been around a long time do on a regular basis. It makes them a lot of money because they use their List as milking cows, to be bled dry on a regular basis by being sold yet another crappy eBook that is going to show them how to get rich quick on the Internet.

Well, its a system that is taught to all good Internet Marketers with the catchphrase “The money is in the list”.

What’s crap about it is that its true. When you’ve built up a big enough list of names and email addresses, you can pitch all kinds of new products to them and this being a numbers game, the more numbers you have to pitch to, the more sales you’re going to make.

I don’t like this idea.

I subscribed to it myself when I didn’t know any better and started building my own list. But I don’t like it when some smarmy git emails me with this or that latest must have product and practically rams it down my throat, all because I made the mistake of opting in to their free this or that. Stuff that just teaches you to build your own list and hawk your own crap to them.

I really don’t like this idea.

I took down my opt-in form from my blogs a while ago, as I never actually sold anything to my List. So that list is no more. Dissolved, disassembled and departed. There are many more honest ways to make money online that work just as well and don’t entail trying to rip anyone off or sell anyone crap they don’t need. Stuff that I talk about in my money oriented blogs and websites, so I don’t need to talk about them here.

Who needs a List?

Not me, mate!

Terry Didcott

6 thoughts on “Who Needs a List?”

  1. I hated the list idea from the very beginning. I’m on too many lists of “wise marketers” trying to make me buy lots of crap. However, last summer I thought to give it a try, so now I have a list of 113 people and I never sent them an email. I’m ashamed to sell them anything.

  2. Ha, me too. Now that I’ve gotten rid of the opt-in boxes from my sites I can forget about the list I built up and let it vanish into thin air. The free autoresponder I was using was ok, but its easy to simply delete the whole list and then never have to log into it again.

  3. It’s ok to have a comment.

    Note by blog author: …Oh my goodness. What an inspirational comment Mr dudeguy! I bow down before your literary genius at taking your precious time to grace my humble blog with your written words of wisdom and enlightenment.


    Well, this dumbass spammer thinks that his useless comment would get his site a link on this freelance writer blog. Well it didn’t as I deleted it. Some people are so unbelievably stupid they deserve to be called out for the incredibly useless waste of spaces they really are.

  4. …and of course in answer to my own amended comment…

    Don’t get the wrong idea, I like people commenting here just as long as they have something useful to add to the post or have a genuine question to ask etc. There are far too many spammers that flood every blogger’s comments with their garbage and we don’t want it.

    If you don’t know what a spammer is and think I’m actually being hard on a real person, um, you need to get out more…! LMAO!!

  5. Oh terry how did I miss this post to spam you with my keyword anchored link- oops sorry I mean make a seriously meaningful comment which ads to the conversation!
    Seriously though the whole list building crap really turned me off internet marketing a year ago – it was like so yuck – trust me with your email address and then I will send all this crap to you yuck! It was one of thing that sent me back to the a “real world” job. Well I’m back, real world was over-rated and I definitely won’t be buying a list this time either!

  6. Yeah, me too, Lis. It was an A-list thing that I got caught up in when I first started out because that’s what everyone was teaching. I heard it everywhere I went…

    “The money is in the list”
    “The money is in the list”
    “The money is in the list”

    like a bloody brainwashing online session that everyone seemed to believe was the only way to make money online. Well, it was and still is a pile of horseshit… except horseshit is a lot cleaner.

    For the few who started their lists from day one, they’re making a small fortune off the backs of noobs who haven’t seen what is staring them in the face. Then the noobs start their own lists and wonder why they can’t sell anything. By the time they get it, they’ve been scammed by these leeches and go away with a bad taste in their mouth about the whole IM thing.

    Shame there weren’t more like Griz around back then, but I have a feeling that his popularity is on its way through the roof right now and people are starting to catch on that you don’t need a bloody list of cash cows to earn some cash online.

    The days of the A-lister are numbered as more and more of us are standing against them and their scamming ways and spreading the word that 99% of ebooks about how to make money online are total crap! The info is freely available to anyone who looks hard enough.

    Ok, I’ll get down off my soap box now…

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