I just had my Alternative Cures blog accepted by BlogsVertise, so hopefully I should get a few paid to blog assignments from them on the subject of alternative health. We’ll see.

Today was an offline working day for me – I did my part-time gardening job up in Coin (that’s a pueblo behind the Sierra de Mijas down here in southern Spain for those of you who don’t know).

But now I’m back in my corner at the tiny desk that serves as my online office typing away furiously as always! Sorry to everyone back in the UK, where I hear it is STILL raining – but it ain’t half hot here! And I’m lovin’ it!


Found Another Pay-to-Blog Site

This one is called – I signed up and will await their email telling me whether my Honest Way blog was accepted or not. There was no info as to what criteria your blog should match for acceptance. We’ll see.


Update On Blog Advertising

Today I signed up with Blogging Ads, another site that pays to put ads on your blog. I didn’t submit a blog just yet, because after reading their guidelines, they note that low PR blogs may be declined. This is a real stumbling block to making a lot of money from my blogs, as none of them have a PR at all – except that old blogger Honest Way that I ignored for months I just discovered has managed to get a PR1.

That really does not compute, as for one, it has about zero traffic and two there are hardly any links to it. Compare that to my hosted blog on The Honest Way, that is over 4 months old and has over 200 visits a day and a load of backlinks and it is still PR0.

So I bookmarked the login page for Blogging Ads for later when Google might be benevolent enough to give The Honest Way a decent PR so I can start earning some decent money from it!