Being a Freelance Writer

Being a freelance writer (following my last post SpanAir Plane Crash in Madrid, by the way) as well as working hard at my own Internet Marketing business means working long days, especially for a disorganised person like me. Most people in this position would then go on to write about how important it is to organise yourself and to prioritise your work, manage your time more efficiently etc.


How many of these people actually follow their own advice? What do I care whether they do or whether they don’t? Ok, I admit it. I don’t care what other people are doing or thinking or saying, because they are other people and I’m me. And being me, I’ll do as I please and if it means starting a sentence with an “and” I’ll go right ahead and do it…

Likewise, if I want to organise my freelance writer working time into long periods of procrastination and daydreaming, then I’ll go ahead and do that too.

You see, working for yourself and even more especially from home as a freelance writer in a situation where there really isn’t the same level of pressure as there is working for a slave driver boss in an office, or wherever allows you to do things the way you’re most comfortable with. I’m comfortable with working for a while on one thing, such as building a website, or blog host, then switching to another when I get bored with the first thing, then switching to something else when I get bored with that. Maybe my attention span is shortening as I get older, or maybe I was always like this but was always forced into working against my own grain which ultimately resulted in less work getting done because I rebelled against being forced to do things in a way that is not my way.

Work all that out of you can and you’ll probably conclude that there is either a genius at work here or a lazy sod! Ok, I admit I tend towards the lazy side of life and do not believe in putting additional effort when it is either not directly for my own benefit or is superfluous to the job at hand.

I worked for many years for the IT section in a bank and was constantly frustrated by certain individuals who probably meant well but had no idea that what they were often asking to be done was an inefficient use of my particular skills, or duplication of effort as my colleagues were usually working on something similar to me and we would often overlap.

So lets get back up to the present and push all those old memories back in their box where they belong.

Being a freelance writer gives me the freedom to work from home and set my own working hours to suit me. As long as the work is done within the allotted time, then who cares if I take a day off at zero notice and then spend another day working for 16 hours? Not that I would spend all of those 16 hours working on an assignment. A big chunk of that would be spent flipping back and forth between the assignment and building and populating my own websites. Its a lot of effort but its all for my own benefit which is a good thing from my perspective both as a freelance writer and an Internet Marketer.

For achieving a position when they finally produce all my financial needs is the ultimate goal. Then I can take my foot off the gas a little and let all the hard work that I’m putting in now pay off in the (near) future. And then I can keep starting my sentences with “and” and I won’t have to worry about the hours I work (or don’t) and no one can tell me how to do things .

Actually, no one does that now…

Terry Didcott

Terry Didcott

Welcome to Tel’s Place. It’s the whacky world of Blogger, Writer, Internet Marketer, Hypnotherapist, Musician, Gardener, Builder, IT Consultant, Webmaster and part-time brain surgeon (ok, I’m kidding about the last one)… drumroll please…..

Terry Didcott


At last this freelance writer has gone and done what he should have done ages ago and that’s bought his own domain with his name on it and, because of his addiction to the computer and all things writable, he’s made it into a bleedin’ blog!

So what is this newly acclaimed Freelance Writer going to write about in here?

Dunno yet! I’ve got so many blogs, websites and lenses on the go at the moment, I’m losing track of them all – let’s see I’ll list a few of them here so I don’t forget them all:

Pro Hosted Blogs:



That’ll do for now. So you can see, I’m kept pretty busy writing content for all them. But it’s enjoyable all the same, especially for a bloke like me.

I think I’ll keep this blog as a sort of command centre for all the sites I have out there and keep it up to date with all the changes that are happening in the wonderful, whacky, webby world of Terry Didcott (Tel to his friends).

See you soon!

Terry Didcott

Update 2010: There is no way I’m going to add any more sites to this list as there are now several hundred of them and as most occupy niches that produce income for me, it would be foolish to reveal them to the world as I don’t need the competition, thanks!

Update 2014: Removed all squidoo lenses as this platform is no longer in existence, but moved to hub pages along with all content/pages.