Who Unleashed that Blogger?

After scaring the living daylights out of everyone in my last post about Freedom Writers and Sedentary Lifestyle, I thought I’d calm the waters a little with an out and out plug for my good friend Vic Franqui’s blog:

Its called Blogger Unleashed but I reckon he’d probably prefer me to anchor it as Make Money

So why am I plugging Vic’s blog?

To get an entry into his competition of course, what else? Ha!

Ok, I’m an honest bloke, so that’s the truth… bet you thought I was going to say “Only joking!”

Well, it’s part of the truth anyway. The other part is that if you haven’t already heard about it then get your nose out of the John Chows and Yaro’s and get on over to Blogger Unleashed, because Vic’s running a very interesting and must-enter competition.

The prize? Never mind what the prize is, it’s only gravy.

The long and the short of it is Vic’s got 100 places on a sort of “blogging for money” mentoring gig that he’s kind enough to do in order to help people out. The first 100 takers who blog about Blogger Unleashed or write a Squidoo page or Hub page or whatever get on the program. That includes the following must-haves that he’ll provide:

Your own blog with a cool theme and OpenAds ready to go, plus his experience and tutorship on setting the blog up to make money. You have to provide the niche (not “make money” or “blogging”) and of course write the content and do the promoting, but Vic’ll tell you how to do it.

The “winner” of this contest, by the way if you’re interested is the one who, by 1st September 2008 has attracted the most organic traffic as measured by Google Analytics.

I put “winner” in quotes, because any one of the 100 who get on this little program are all winners, because Vic will show them how to make money with a blog, tell them where they are going wrong and make constant comparisons with the other 99 – so that everybody does it right.

Oh, there is a small prize for the one with the most SE traffic – but you probably won’t be all that interested in that.

Well, its like a week in some crappy place called Vegas plus a few dollars or so (ok, $500 to be exact) spending money to go to some boring Expo with a load of other money making Internet bozos. Not very appealing, so you won’t really want to win the prize… Mmm…

But with this little beauty it really is not about the winning, but the taking part. Because by taking part, every on of those 100 people have probably the best shot they’ll ever get of really making money from a blog.

Not like all the horseshit that the A-Listers feed their readers, but a real shot at doing it right!

So am I entering for this contest?

Nah, I think I’ll go over to JC’s for some more horseshit…

Yeah, right…. LMAO!!!

Terry Didcott

Freedom Writers PR Chaos Again!

After my last post Freedom Writers Building a Self Hosted WordPress Blog, its time to take a break and talk about PR.

Yep, its that time again. Google Page Ranks are a changin’ across the blogging board once again. Strange thing is that its a good month early, taking the schedule from past times, where there was a rough three months in between PR changes. This time it was only two!

So how has this Freedom Writers fared with his army of sites?

Not that well, actually. Only a couple of PR increases on smaller sites – this one looks like staying the same at PR2 despite all the back-links I’ve been gathering. My Honest Way sites stay at PR3 and my newer sites all stay the same PR0.

Some of my Squidoo lenses have gained PR2 and the Honest Way lens got demoted to Unranked again – who on Earth knows why? It doesn’t contain any duplicate content, no bad links or anything I can see to make it lose the PR2 it had from last time. So I’m at a loss there.

Anyhow, a lot of the PR debate is pretty much moot now that we can’t use the PR to make money from Advertisers (who, let’s face it really only wanted the PR link juice), or write paid reviews, so PR isn’t much use.

My newer Money Hints site, which is PR0 sits in second spot at Google for its main long tail keyword, Fast Make Money and has been there for a few weeks now. There are many hundreds of higher PR sites sitting below it and none of them look like they’re going to knock it off its perch anytime soon!

Add to that some of my free blogger blogs have acquired some PR, so its a strange area in the blogging arena.

Ho hum, back to freedom writers writing…

Terry Didcott

Freedom Writers Building a Self Hosted WordPress Blog

Following up my last post How To Install a Self Hosted WordPress Blog, I’ve had requests to build upon that information and go through the steps to install WordPress themes and also WordPress plugins, so that’s what this post will be about here in this Freedom Writer’s blog.

Once you have your self hosted WordPress blog installed and have made your first post, you’ll probably be wanting to make it look a whole lot prettier than the standard theme allows.

No problem!

WordPress give you a great directory of user-created themes for you to browse through . For themes here’s the link for the WP library:


There’s a lot in there, so you’d better make yourself comfortable!

With these WordPress themes, once you’ve found the one you like, download the file to your computer and unzip it. Then upload (via FTP) the unzipped folder to your blog’s wp-content/themes folder.

Next, log into your WordPress user panel and click on the Presentation tab. You’ll see the new theme you just uploaded as a graphic on that page – simply click on the graphic of your new theme and that one becomes the current theme. You can check by refreshing your blog in your browser – you’ll see your blog with its nice new WordPress theme!

Your post stays intact, of course, but anything else you added like banners or adsense, you’ll have to copy and paste into your new WordPress theme’s files and you do that through the Theme Editor facility – click on the Theme Editor tab from the Presentations page within your WordPress panel.

There are actually two routes you can go through to edit your WordPress theme – by simply dragging widgets around and placing them in your sidebar (using the Widgets tab), or via HTML in the Theme Editor where you edit the actual files.

Do take care with this as once you hit the update button, you can’t go back and undo your changes.

WordPress Plug-Ins

WordPress Plugins are another story… There are a ton of them and you probably won’t need more than a handful – I’ve seen blogs with so many visual WordPress plugins loaded that they look like a carnival and take ages to load up, so you need to exercise a little restraint there! They’re as easy to add on as WordPress themes as again you simply download, unzip and upload to your blog via FTP. Here’s the link for the WordPress plugins directory:


Once you’ve uploaded them to your wp-content/plugins folder, you go back into your WordPress panel, click on the Plugins tab and from there you can activate them.

Which WordPress plugins do I need?

Well for freedom writers, that is mainly personal choice, but if you’re going to have a well SEO’d blog with a fairly minimal look, you should exercise restraint in the amount of WordPress plugins you use. Some you’ll have to scout around to find, but there is an excellent list of them over at Vic’s Blogger Unleased blog in this post: WordPress Plugin List

As you’ll see there are plenty to choose from. I’m only currently using one or two here at this freedom writers blog but will add more as time goes by.

That’s it for now – I’ll post more on this freedom writers subject when I think of more stuff!

Terry Didcott