Who Unleashed that Blogger?

After scaring the living daylights out of everyone in my last post about Freedom Writers and Sedentary Lifestyle, I thought I’d calm the waters a little with an out and out plug for my good friend Vic Franqui’s blog:

Its called Blogger Unleashed but I reckon he’d probably prefer me to anchor it as Make Money

So why am I plugging Vic’s blog?

To get an entry into his competition of course, what else? Ha!

Ok, I’m an honest bloke, so that’s the truth… bet you thought I was going to say “Only joking!”

Well, it’s part of the truth anyway. The other part is that if you haven’t already heard about it then get your nose out of the John Chows and Yaro’s and get on over to Blogger Unleashed, because Vic’s running a very interesting and must-enter competition.

The prize? Never mind what the prize is, it’s only gravy.

The long and the short of it is Vic’s got 100 places on a sort of “blogging for money” mentoring gig that he’s kind enough to do in order to help people out. The first 100 takers who blog about Blogger Unleashed or write a Squidoo page or Hub page or whatever get on the program. That includes the following must-haves that he’ll provide:

Your own blog with a cool theme and OpenAds ready to go, plus his experience and tutorship on setting the blog up to make money. You have to provide the niche (not “make money” or “blogging”) and of course write the content and do the promoting, but Vic’ll tell you how to do it.

The “winner” of this contest, by the way if you’re interested is the one who, by 1st September 2008 has attracted the most organic traffic as measured by Google Analytics.

I put “winner” in quotes, because any one of the 100 who get on this little program are all winners, because Vic will show them how to make money with a blog, tell them where they are going wrong and make constant comparisons with the other 99 – so that everybody does it right.

Oh, there is a small prize for the one with the most SE traffic – but you probably won’t be all that interested in that.

Well, its like a week in some crappy place called Vegas plus a few dollars or so (ok, $500 to be exact) spending money to go to some boring Expo with a load of other money making Internet bozos. Not very appealing, so you won’t really want to win the prize… Mmm…

But with this little beauty it really is not about the winning, but the taking part. Because by taking part, every on of those 100 people have probably the best shot they’ll ever get of really making money from a blog.

Not like all the horseshit that the A-Listers feed their readers, but a real shot at doing it right!

So am I entering for this contest?

Nah, I think I’ll go over to JC’s for some more horseshit…

Yeah, right…. LMAO!!!

Terry Didcott