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Freedom writers domains to make money is another strange title, but a necessary one if I’m going to convince those nice people at Google that this blog is being written by a freedom writers and his posts are in some way involved in the world of the freedom writers! Well, it’s a start, anyway! After my last post, Heath Ledger Not Really dead, a silly spoof designed to attract a lot of traffic, which I have to say worked quite well, I’d like to get into the side of domains and how you can use them to make money online.

Domains and the make money niche are what I really want to hark on about today, or more precisely expired domains and the buying thereof. I’ve not been as busy as I was in the beginning of my new obsession with second-hand domain buying mainly because my current freedom writer’s writing gig is keeping me too busy to really get stuck into them and as a result I haven’t bought any for a while.

But I will be again soon!

As for the ones I have bought, I’m a bit stuck as to what to do with them all! Well, not exactly stuck, as I’ve put wordpress blogs on them all to get them into a live state so that Google doesn’t think they’ve been neglected. But I’m so short on time, I simply haven’t been able to fill them all up with the freedom writers content they so desperately need to re-enter their niches and compete for the top pages in the SERPs as well as start to make money for me.

Which was the whole reason for buying them in the first place!

One site has been getting more than its fair share of the content, mainly because I know a good deal about it’s niche and can rattle off plenty of long posts and get it some keyword authority – I’m talking about my Make Money Hints blog which I shall endow with the anchor text: make money fast.

That should give it a bit of a freedom writers leg up and with all its new fresh content should help it to start to do what it’s domain was bought to do and that’s to make money!

Other domains in other niches require a fair bit of research on my part, which is tough as I don’t have that much tome to spare on them, which is why I’ve been contemplating a slightly different idea for them.

Vic at Blogger Unleashed has got me thinking along the lines of using BANS to set and forget the domains that I really haven’t got time to do much with for now, but I have also been thinking about using the already set up wordpress blogs on those sites and maybe writing some simple scripts to use the BANS idea on them without going the whole way with setting up BANS on them. Its all a case of freedom writers time constraints and what I can and can’t do with it. My train of thought seems to be leading me to think it will take me time to learn how to use BANS, whereas I already know how to use the little known eBay affiliate program to earn commission from putting people onto products on eBay’s list.

I was doing that several months ago using craigslist to promote this and it worked to a point where I was making some commissions from CJ but not enough to warrant the work I was putting in. Now BANS uses the same idea just they have site templates and scripts that do all that work for you.

So what is there to think about? Just get BANS and get on with it!

Well… I’m a freedom writers and a tinkerer by trade – I love to mess with things and see what I can do with what I’ve got which is probably why I’ve never got time for anything… Ha! I just fancy trying out this little theory of mine and seeing what happens first. Ok, if it flops, then I just get BAN, kick myself in the pants for wasting time and get on with it.

But if it works, then I’ve accomplished something and I like to accomplish things by going against the grain – a character defect I’m sure must irritate the hell out of people that know me! Some call it stubbornness! Some call it plain pig-headedness, but what the hell.

At least when I’m wrong, I admit it, learn from it, pick myself up, dust myself off and carry on!

So it’s just a bit of experimental fun for me to try this out and see where it goes and all I lose is a little time (ok and probably a little money) but if I don’t do it, then I’ll look back on my life and I’ll always wonder… why didn’t I try that little experiment with that domain when I thought of it?

I ‘ll pick a niche, a domain and a product and then set it up and see. Then I’ll report back here in, say a month to see what it did…

I like a good conundrum…

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Terry Didcott