Heath Ledger Not Really Dead

Heath Ledger Not Really Dead would have made a really stunning headline in the press today, except for the fact that its not true. This freedom writer has heard enough to spur him on to make this back-to-front post in the wake of the news that the actor Heath Ledger threw his life away.

What if it were true and Heath Ledger not really dead but just so out of it on drugs that he was mistaken for being dead? That would have to be a helluva trip and he would be looking at one mother of a headache when he comes round! Assuming of course that Heath Ledger not really dead, just totally whacked out on bad substances.

Of course all that is purely speculation and he might just have been popping a few sleeping pills, or something. Or maybe he had a screen double that he promised to pay really well if he, erm, you know…
Well, if it were true that Heath Ledger not really dead, then can you imagine the meetings up and down the country in newsrooms and newspaper editors’ offices? A freedom writer’s nightmare! So unless someone, somewhere is having an enormous jape at our expense, then you can probably safely assume that the headline “Heath Ledger Not Really Dead” is false and he really did kill himself with drugs.

Which makes it yet another pointless waste of a life.

Here’s a freedom writer’s opinion, for what its worth. How absolutely annoying for all working people who struggle to make ends meet week in and week out and there’s that privileged bastard who’s given the chance in life that 99% of us will never get and he goes and throws it down the toilet.

Well, some people just don’t know they’re born. Heath Ledger not really dead?

I guess he was a long time ago.

Freedom Writer
Terry Didcott

Freedom Writers Booster

Freedom Writers Terry Didcott has a nice ring to it and I think I’ll keep this newly adopted moniker as it not only gives me a much more interesting handle, it also gives this site a better chance of appearing somewhere decent in the search engine pages for a keyword that is actually searched for in freedom writers.

So as for this post, which trails on nicely from my last one entitled Freedom Writers Writes, where I posed a nice thought provoking question right at the end. Well, I bet you’re dying to know what my own answer to that would be.

Well, I have to admit I gave it some thought, because you have to remember that I am now doing what I’ve always wanted to do, or more correctly am currently enjoying what I do to make money by freedom writers writing for a living. So by posing the question I was really pushing out my own train of thought in that not only am I doing exactly what I enjoy doing but I’ve been actively working on an offer I recently accepted which is doing more of what I’m already doing.

That’s writing!

So as for being a freedom writers, the commission I have taken on does restrict me somewhat in that there is a lot of work to be done in a fairly concentrated timespan, but as it’s merely more of what I already do, then for me it is perfect in that the extra money allows me to continue working at this as a full time occupation instead as only part-time and relying on odd jobs to keep my less than healthy finances afloat!

So my answer to the question is actually “C”. Although being a happy freedom writers I can’t see myself dropping dead any time soon I’m also under no illusions about the fact that any online commission can and will end at some point depending upon the nature of the freedom writers commission.

So the same thought process should be going on inside the heads of anyone who has a mind to attempt to make a full-time career out of the Internet. If someone offers you a fair price for your work even though it means a hefty workload in the short-term with a possibility of future work coming as an off-shoot of it, then you should never reject it (unless they are taking the piss with the money). In fact you should grab it with both hands, because if it doesn’t last too long, then you are at least able to boost your bank account in the short term while you nurture your freedom writers Internet Marketing business. If it does last a while, then you are even better off by being financially secure for the medium term at least – and you can still schedule the extra time to work on your IM business in the meantime.

So this freedom writers should stop this now and get back to working on the stuff that is making money to boost the bank balance!

When things are going well, doesn’t it just put a great big smile on your face?

Freedom Writers
Terry Didcott

Freedom Writer Writes…

Freedom Writers writes a right one across clue on the keyboard!

If you’re shaking your head in sympathy believing this freedom writers has fallen off the back of something and banged his head, well it’s not true I tell you! That opening gambit is actually a flashback to the end of the 1970s when, at a Stranglers concert in North London Hugh Cornwell said of Dave Greenfeld (the keyboard wizard) “he’s the only man who can write a right one across clue on the kleyboard” – the “l” in kleyboard is how he said it! Ok, it got recorded and ended up on the white single that accompanied the album “Black and White” which is why I remember it so well.

What in the hell is he on about?

Freedom writers write what the hell they want to write about, because they’re freedom writers! As I am now (self appointed) officially one of the freedom writers, if I feel like writing about a 30 year old Stranglers concert, I will! If you don’t want to read about it, then you’re probably too young to remember the frenetic punk era of the late 1970s in London in particular where it was at it’s height. I was there as a teenager who could legally drink alcohol (which by then the novelty had worn off) and liked to attend many of those off the wall gigs just for the sheer and electrifying atmosphere that went down at them. Ah memories…

Back to the present.

I’m not going to write about how to make money or how to succeed in Internet Marketing or any such thing right here, because this is not that kind of blog – its niche is freedom writers writing and writing is what this blog is about because its author is a writer who has the freedom to write whatever he blessed well wants and that makes him a Freedom Writers.


Am I about to spring something unexpected and awe inspiring now? Is that what I’ve been building up to, because let’s face it, I don’t usually write nonsense just for the hell of writing. Mmm…

If you were offered the chance to do something that you were very good at and knew it would pay very well but it would cost you a lot of your time to do it, what would you decide to do?

A. Take it on and wring every last cent out of it for as long as you could stand it and then jack it in and go back to treading water?

B. Reject it?

C. Take it on and keep it up until it kills you (ok that’s a bit over the top, but you get my drift)?

What would you do?

Terry Didcott