Words of Wisdom

As a freelance writer, I often write for other people’s websites on a variety of subjects. But while this is what pays the bills, the bulk of the time I spend online is taken up with building new websites and blogs for myself.

The reason I do this is because I eventually want to be earning a generous income from them, rather than just a mediocre one as at present. Slowly does it with this, as the new sites are all at various stages of aging and of course some of the older sites are now over 2 years old (that doesn’t account for the expired domains I buy which are a good deal older).

My strategy is not too dissimilar from that of the great Griz who has, whether he likes it or not, become something of a mentor to many in the cut and thrust world of making money online. Incidentally, you can read some of his words of wisdom at his newest and rapidly becoming hugely popular blog here: Make Money with Adsense (link removed). It’s perfect for beginners wanting to know how to make money online using free resources and Google’s Adsense program, rather than follow the empty promises of the many scammers that litter the Internet with hyped up promotions to buy their magic beans.

These people are known as A-listers, or gurus, although both terms are misleading and when it comes down to the truth of the matter, wholly false. These so called gurus are merely leeches, feeding of the new blood of the thousands of newbies who enter this arena every day. Many of these are sucked in by these hucksters who promise magical earnings of thousands of dollars in a crazily short period of time if you just donate $47 of your hard earned cash for their ebook which promises to show you how. Unfortunately, the ebooks are full of bullshit which basically teach you how to write an ebook and sell it to clueless noobs like yourself.

Of course, calling people clueless noobs is a harsh thing to do and rather unfair, but its how these scammers see new people who are looking for ways to make money online. Noobs are clueless in the beginning because they haven’t learned how to spot these fakes who only teach you how not to go about making money online. For this reason, noobs are very easy shark-bait. When you look around for ways to make money online and find the attractive and almost believable ads these sharks create, it’s easy to see how noobs can be so easily taken for a ride.

Everyone wants to drink from the forbidden chalice that promises great riches for little effort. Its just normal human nature to want something for nothing and these so-called A-listers, or self styled gurus know this very well. They prey on the uneducated by appealing to their greed by offering something that we know deep down inside must be impossible, yet we are still curious enough to click the link to see what its all about. And like any good salesman, these people are skilled in the art of selling refrigerators to Eskimos. So they will sell a noob one of their ebooks because it promises exactly what the noob wants.

The truth is that none of these ways work, unless of course you are the person selling the ebook, then if you’ve been around long enough and have mastered the art of selling refrigerators to Eskimos, then you will make a good living off the backs of those who can least afford to part with their hard earned money. And so it goes for the whole world.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

You don’t have to get your hooks into every newcomer to the Internet and use them like cash cows, flogging them useless ebooks that will not help anybody but the author. You can make money online in other, completely legitimate ways. The way I go about it is by building lots of websites and blogs, aging them, writing lots of relevant content for them and obtaining backlinks to them so that they rank well in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

That way, people who are searching for something that I write about may come across one of my sites on Google, or Yahoo, MSN or whichever. They will find my websites which carry Google Adsense ads, or affiliate ads for products such as items of clothing, collectibles etc. Essentially, my sites provide either a product that the surfer was looking for, in which case I will redirect them to the merchant’s site where they can buy the product (and for which I earn a commission) or they do not. In that case, they may see a pertinent Adsense ad and click that, which earns me some money for the click.

Now I’m not going into the mechanics of how Adsense works here. Griz does that extremely well on his site (which you will find by clicking the link above).

By this method, no one gets ripped off. Noobs don’t get sold useless ebooks that only teach them how to become scammers themselves. People looking for a certain brand of shirt, or a watch, or maybe information on how to get free blogs will find what they’re looking for and everyone makes a little in the process, while the person buying often gets a discount on what they’d pay for a similar item in a High Street store. So everyone wins and no one loses. Except maybe the High Street store, but that’s business!

So these words of wisdom are for anyone who has found an ad for a money making guru who promises to teach you how to make $3,000 in three weeks by using their special, guaranteed, unfailing method.

Ignore it.

There are better, more honest ways to make money online and I’m doing it and Griz is teaching it. For free!

Terry Didcott

Writing for Who Exactly?

Hi again! My last post Freelance Writer’s Big Happy Family, was a message to all bloggers who are also trying to make money online that one of the ways in which to do that is to make sure your sites that are geared up to actually make the money are sufficiently bolstered by authority to attract traffic from the search engines rather than the easier to attract social traffic.

One of the ways to do this of course is to get lots of backinks to your money sites – in fact it’s the single most important thing you can do. For that to happen you need to make friends with other blog owner to get those links. Spending all your time writing in your blogs won’t make you much money unless you have such a huge readership that you can leverage advertisers to pay you for valuable real estate space on your blog. Getting to that stage will take you years, if you ever get there. In the meantime, you will not make sufficient money from your blogging to make it worth your while.

But… and there’s always a “but” what about writing a blog that people want to read?

Most bloggers blog because they want people to read what they are writing! They generally have just the one blog and they’re happy that way. Making money from their efforts hasn’t crossed their minds, at least in the early stages.

But when you spend time online, even if its just writing a blog and checking your emails, you will not fail to notice that other people are (or say they are) making money from the Internet. Which naturally will peak your interest to want to find out more about this. Then you read that this or that person is making a lot of money from their blogging exploits and its simply human nature to want what the other person has. It has something psychological to do with sibling rivalry in your early years, I believe. Ha!

“Mum, he’s got a bigger toy car than me and I want one like that!” he shrieks, “gimme, gimme, gimme”

Well it’s no different online. There are thousands of scam artists that are all boasting they make this or that crazy amount of loot online every month. It’s natural for people who don’t make anything to be curious.

So curious in fact, that they fall into the trap time and time again because they not only believe the lie, but they keep analysing that the lie must be true if so many people are telling it!

Which is exactly what keeps the scam artists doing what they’re doing.

Having just said that, there is another truth about the Internet and making money online. That is the fact that it’s not technically all lies. You can make money online and if you are smart, you can make a lot of money. You can certainly make enough money to earn a decent living from it. In some cases you can earn a very good living from the Internet. You just need to know how.

Unfortunately, writing in your blog every day is not the way to do it. Attracting lots of readers is also not the way to do it. Unless you’re prepared to do a lot of work in research, learning, understanding and then putting into practice what you’ve learned and spending a heck of a lot of time doing it, then don’t even bother. There are no methods that exist to get rich quick on the Internet, so don’t be fooled by all the wild claims that you can.

If you enjoy writing your blog, stick to doing what you enjoy and don’t quit your job just yet. Don’t waste any of your hard earned cash on anything these hucksters are peddling online because you can get all the information you need without spending a penny. Not here in this blog of mine, I hasten to add, as this is one of those blogs that I merely like to write in. The few ads I have dotted around pay for the hosting and that’s about all.

I personally make money from other websites and some blog host setups (like bakeradio.com) that I have, so I don’t need to write about how to do it here. If you were thinking of doing something similar, then I don’t want to put you off, but I currently have over 400 sites out there all ticking over quietly earning a passive income. That little lot took a lot of time to create and I continue to build more sites daily.

But that’s what I do and if you think you can do that much work, then I say go for it! It’s not easy and it takes a lot of time and effort in getting links for all those sites, writing the content they need and generally maintaining them so they feature in the search engine indeces to attract the organic traffic that is essential to generating an income from them.

If you want to do the same. good luck to you and I wish you all the best.

Oh, one last thing you should imprint upon your brain as a motto, or statement of intention:

Never Give Up!

Terry Didcott

Freelance Writer’s Big Happy Family

In my last post Being a Freelance Writer, I did rather belabour the point about my being disorganised and haphazard in the way that I work. Well, you’ll be pleased to hear that nothing has changed on that front! Ha! I bet you thought I was going to say I’d taken on board the organising skills of a time management expert to find a solution to my problem…

LMAO!! I don’t see this as a problem, so just as a pig is happy rooting around in its muddy sty, I’m happy being myself.

But today, that’s not the purpose of this post nor the reason I’m actually in the frame of mind to post it. I wanted to highlight a page I’ve created in this site which is for my many friends I’ve made online during my two years hammering away at the Internet Marketing game. These are people who have either helped me along the way or have become friends with similar interests and aspirations. I believe that to succeed online, you have to have friends because its a damned hard slog on your own.

Of course that’s not to say you can’t succeed alone and I’m sure many people do quite well for themselves either because of it or despite it. But its a little easier when you have people who can help you out with the things that you can’t do yourself.

Along the way, I’ve had plenty of site building and coding problems that I just couldn’t figure out on my own and others have jumped in to help me, for which I am very grateful. Likewise, when I was floundering around not knowing how I was ever going to make money online, there were people there who helped with solid methods and techniques that really do work. The list of ways in which people have helped me is long and varied, but suffice it to say, I’m glad they were there when I needed them and I also believe that you should do unto others as you would want them to do unto you.

So I’ve been giving back wherever I can in my forum and various blogs. What I’ve learned over the past two years, I happily give back as free information on my other sites such as thehonestway.com, makeblogmoney.com and moneyhints.com to name just a few.

There is another way that I can say thank you to everyone I know and that’s in giving some link juice to their sites by way of a list of links on a special page I’ve provided just for that purpose. There I can keep everyone together and see at a glance if I’ve missed anyone out!

So if you haven’t spotted the page yet, its sitting up in my navigation bar just under my strange staggered image of myself at the top of the page called simply Tel’s Friends.

It’s not originally my idea to do something like this. In fact it has been around probably longer than I have in one form or another. More recently the “do follow” group of blogs came into being and the D-List was formed, being a list of links to blogs that all allowed comment links to be followed by the search engine bots to give their owner some link juice. That sort of died when certain search engines altered the way they give authority to certain types of links, meaning blog comment links became pretty worthless if you were trying to build authority.

A better way to do this was kicked off publicly by my good friend Griz at his Make Money Online blog which I had a small hand in helping to bring into being in his page Friendz of Griz, which that link will take you to if you click it.

It’s all about helping your friends who have helped you in the past or who are likely to carry on helping you in the future because they’re friends!

Isn’t it nice to read about one of the really positive aspects of the Internet Marketing fraternity on the web every now and again? Some of us are actually nice people!

Terry Didcott