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Ok, that last Happy Easter post wasn’t one of my best literary masterpieces, but it shows that life for freedom writers can be fun too! The post previous to that was Freedom Writers Block, which delved into the problems all writers face at one time or another.

Now back to the serious stuff.

I don’t get much of a chance to write in any of my blogs as regularly as I’d like, simply due to the fact that I now have so many of the bloody things and they are all screaming for attention all the time! Freedom writers have to strike a balance between the more important ones, like this one and the less important ones. All the while, I’m busy creating new websites to expand my online presence and occupy more and more niches in order to make money – which of course is the prime directive when you spend as much time online as I do!

This blog isn’t exactly one of my big money makers, by the way – its more a place to hold all the parts of my growing online empire together and to limber up my literary voice from time to time just to make sure all the joints are supple and the mechanics are well oiled!

So what’s with all the site building, you might ask?

Well, sitting still with a few sites might be fine for some people, but for me – I just can’t stand still or I’ll stagnate. Building ever more websites is something I enjoy doing as part of the creation process. It also ensures that I keep up to date with what’s making money online and what’s not; what I should be working on and what can be left to stew in its own juices for a while with minimal maintenance.

This isn’t going to be one of my freedom writers “How to make money online” primer posts, as I think most of that has already been said by other infinitely more qualified people than me – I just follow the advice and teachings of the “real” online money makers and pass on what I learn as well as anything that I figure out for myself that is valid. You’ve probably already met some of these quiet (except maybe Vic) unassuming yet potent money making forces for good, like Griz, Court and Vic – between them you’ll gain just about all the information you’ll ever need to know in order to make money online successfully.

I would throw in a timely warning to avoid the self styled A-listers, who will spin you a good yarn about how they make money online and then thrust their hand out in readiness to take your money for the privilege of learning how they do it – by taking money off people like you. If you believe what they tell you that blogging will make you money, you are already lost!

However, I’m not even going to try to convince anyone that they ought to fall in behind this person or that blogger, or that guru or not. I’m not a guru nor am I a particularly selfless mentor, so it’s not for me to tell you who you should follow – but I will tell you this:

There are many sheep but few shepherds.

Aim to be a shepherd, the pay and conditions are better!

I’ll leave you with that though until next time…

Terry Didcott

Terry Didcott

Welcome to Tel’s Place. It’s the whacky world of Blogger, Writer, Internet Marketer, Hypnotherapist, Musician, Gardener, Builder, IT Consultant, Webmaster and part-time brain surgeon (ok, I’m kidding about the last one)… drumroll please…..

Terry Didcott


At last this freelance writer has gone and done what he should have done ages ago and that’s bought his own domain with his name on it and, because of his addiction to the computer and all things writable, he’s made it into a bleedin’ blog!

So what is this newly acclaimed Freelance Writer going to write about in here?

Dunno yet! I’ve got so many blogs, websites and lenses on the go at the moment, I’m losing track of them all – let’s see I’ll list a few of them here so I don’t forget them all:

Pro Hosted Blogs:



That’ll do for now. So you can see, I’m kept pretty busy writing content for all them. But it’s enjoyable all the same, especially for a bloke like me.

I think I’ll keep this blog as a sort of command centre for all the sites I have out there and keep it up to date with all the changes that are happening in the wonderful, whacky, webby world of Terry Didcott (Tel to his friends).

See you soon!

Terry Didcott

Update 2010: There is no way I’m going to add any more sites to this list as there are now several hundred of them and as most occupy niches that produce income for me, it would be foolish to reveal them to the world as I don’t need the competition, thanks!

Update 2014: Removed all squidoo lenses as this platform is no longer in existence, but moved to hub pages along with all content/pages.