Positive Doing

let’s stay positive here and move with this theme I started to look at how thinking in a positive way can equate into many improvements in a person’s life. It might seem like all this positive attitude stuff is more like a daydreamer’s wonted custom to sit in an easy chair and dream of all the things they want without any of them actually materializing, there is more to it. Just thinking is not enough, obviously, because without action nothing of any consequence will happen. So this post is about the next stage of using a positive mental attitude to your advantage by turning thoughts into action. In other words, if you want something, you’re going to have to DO something to get it.

Positive Action

In my last post on positive thinking, I looked at how getting rid of as many negative influences as possible can really help to turn your life around and allow you to really make big improvements in the way things are for you. Well, wanting or desiring something is the first step in acquiring it, but taking the appropriate action in order to create the right situation to receive it is the next.

I want to take a leaf out of author Raymond Holliwell’s teachings here and say that to desire a thing without expecting to get it is just idle wishing or daydreaming. You’ll just waste a lot of mental energy in thinking positive thoughts about what you want without doing anything to bring it into form. But when you expect a thing to happen, then circumstances seem to swing into action to make it a reality. Here’s an example of working this theory backwards.

Have you ever heard people who have just suffered a misfortune to utter the words, “its just as I expected” or “I knew that would happen” or “I expected that”? When you expect a bad thing to happen, doesn’t just come right up and happen? That’s that Law of Attraction working to your detriment. Do you want to know why it works so well when you attract something you really don’t want, yet when you try to wish for something you do want, it rarely ever comes to you?

Its all about the emotive force behind the desire-expectation sent out mentally into the ether. When there’s something you really don’t want, you put a lot of emotion behind it. How about this scenario to illustrate this power.

You’re late for an appointment and you’re driving down the road approaching a set of traffic lights. You really don’t want them to turn red and there’s a lot of frustration energy going behind that thought because you are expecting the light to change to red even though you really don’t want it to. Guess what happens? It turns red!

That happens a lot in everyone’s lives. Me too. More times than I can count. But not so much these days. Why? I learned to slow down my pace and to stop thinking about things I do not want, while focusing on the things I do want.

When “The Secret” first arrived and I saw the movie and read the book, I was fascinated by David Schirmer’s account of how he lined up parking spaces. Here in Fuengirola, especially during the tourist season, it can get almost impossible to find a parking space in the centre of town. I couldn’t wait to give that a shot and was amazed at that more often than not, a parking space would be available near to where I wanted to be! The damn trick works!

It has worked on many aspects of my life ever since, although there is still a very long way to go. I still catch myself getting frustrated at the odd situation that is out of my control, like maybe hitting a traffic jam where there shouldn’t be one. The initial anger wells up like it always used to, but now I can pull myself up and put a halt to it. Its a cool trick and one that works very well. I simply take control of my thoughts and say to myself “NEXT!” I might have to do it two or three times until a happier thought squeezes the anger out, but out it goes and I relax.

If I’m stuck in traffic (let’s face it, a traffic jam down here ion the Costa del Sol is a mere line of a few cars compared to the humdingers I used to have to suffer on the M25 around London, or worse, in town itself) I just take a few deep breaths and start thinking about how nice it is to be able to take a short break from driving and take a look out the windows to admire the scenery. We have some damn fine scenery down here! That’s usually soon followed by a sudden freeing up of the traffic and I’m on my way again. Calmer and more relaxed than most of the other drivers stuck there!

That technique, and using my thoughts to think about the things I do want and avoiding thinking about the things I do not want are all positive action. Its all mental, but its still action of sorts, because it takes effort to do it and has measurable results.

Positive Physical Action

With many situations in life, taking positive mental action to bring about an internal change that is conducive to a more healthy, calmer and more stress-free life is a great breakthrough in working towards a better way of life. But there are situations that also require some form of physical action to bring certain things into physical form. Take earning money as one example that will be on most people’s minds right now.

You can rock in your chair all day and dream about winning the lottery and all your problems will be solved, but come on! Is it really going to happen? The chances are astronomical! Why put all your mental energy into something like that, when you can use it much more constructively to make yourself enough money so that you have no more financial worries? That would be a little like winning a smaller but still substantial lottery, wouldn’t it?

Well, this can happen and I know for a fact, because I’m living proof it works. When I first read “The Secret”, I was broke. Working as a musician in a gigging band didn’t exactly bring me in a fortune and while it was enough to feed me, it didn’t stretch to much more besides that. By this time, I had moved in with my partner on the coast and left the mountain farm to be used as an occasional retreat. That meant I needed to have some income to help pay the bills and living expenses. I applied for a bunch of really crap jobs and did some things I would never have done in other circumstances.

Like telesales, selling vacation plans which are frowned upon by many as being little better than timeshare. I worked as a removal guy for a haulage company and was lucky not to put my back out permanently on one occasion. I worked as a gardener and then as a builder’s labourer. I worked as a house painter and often found myself up on scaffold four storeys up in a strong wind. Not for the faint hearted! The only decent job I ever did (that paid a decent wage too) was as a short spell as an IT consultant for a small vacation company. That’s where I leaned a lot about the modern way of building websites, a little php and mysql programming and linux hosting. I found out later that I only got the job because the boss thought I was very confident and very pushy! In fact, I was going through a “positive phase” and was a little out of character. But it didn’t last and I believe one of the reasons it didn’t last is because my confidence waned and I became less positive and even more negative.

That was all before I got hold of “The Secret” and started to see where I had been going wrong all those years. And I mean all my life up to that point! It had all been driven by negativity and a thought process that was toxic and self destructive. Like most people!

So back to the physical doing bit.

I knew I had to break out of the place where I was taking crap jobs just to make money to help pay bills. But changing life habits, especially mental ones is bloody hard! It was and still is hard, although now I’m a lot better at it. It started to happen after I decided to have a go at writing a book. I had tried this a few times before and never managed to get past the first few chapters before giving up. This time I had some money in the bank left over from that IT job so I was good for a few months and so I wanted to try this. I also started looking at the Internet to see if there were ways to make money online.

I got several chapters written but again, I gave up! I found some ideas online and started to pursue them. But nothing seemed to be much use and there were (and still are) a lot of scammers out there who will take your money and deliver little more than thin air. I was several months and not much in the way of productivity before I read “The Secret” and started to put some of the ideas into practice. It wasn’t long before I suddenly found ways of making decent money by writing paid posts on blogs. It was 2007 and it had become very fashionable for SEO’s to be buying links for their client’s websites. It was a time of very good money and it enabled me to buy some domains and set up some websites for myself.

I was much more positive in my thoughts and really believed that there was a way to sustain this online income. The way came from an unlikely source. Don’t they always?

I was contacted by one of the companies that were brokering links who were looking for content writers to write a lot of reviews on online casinos. I sent in an example of my writing and even though there were probably hundreds of applicants, I got the gig. It was about this time that Google were stomping on people writing those paid links blog posts anyway, so as that door closed, the online casino door opened.

I wrote a huge number of articles for the company’s affiliate website and that led on to writing for another branch of the same company that runs an online ecommerce program that is very successful. I don’t think its appropriate to name names here, suffice it to say the guys are in Australia and I say a silent “thank you” to them every day. That’s not just for the long term writing gig they gave me, but the opportunity that income gave me to branch out into learning and practicing SEO with my own ever growing stable of websites.

Other unusual things have happened along my own online journey to self sufficiency. Meeting up with certain people online has been an incredible part of it as each has been instrumental in getting me to think of things or change my mind on ideas for better ones that have resulted in more income for me. I give something back by running my forum at thehonestway.com for free and helping anyone who wants to learn how to do what I do. That forum has attracted a great group of people, some more knowledgeable than me in certain areas and all coming together to create a mix of ideas and solutions that is pretty explosive.

This has all happened because, instead of sitting on my arse bemoaning my lot, I got up off that arse (well, actually I sat down on that arse at my computer, but you know what I mean!) and took some risks, worked damned hard to learn and then put into practice what I learned and for the last few years I have made a decent enough income online to not have to worry about anything of a financial nature.

This stuff works and it works for anyone willing to make it work for them. It doesn’t stop with “The Secret” but that’s where it just happened to start for me. There’s a ton of information on this idea of positive thinking and self improvement out there and I’m busily studying this not only because I know it works but because I want to make sure it sticks in my mind and I never forget any of it. I have two books that right now I’m reading and re-reading.

One is Raymond Holliwell’s “Working With the Law” and the other is Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich.”

These books are not so much about making money (although its a part of it) but about personal growth. I learned about them through Bob Proctor’s teachings and in fact I have some audio files of Bob and Mary Morrissey that I spend a half hour listening to every day. They are so inspirational and the information in there and those two books combined is just mind blowingly powerful. Not just because its fascinating stuff, but because I know it works!

So if you’re stuck in a rut, be it a physical one or a mental one (hint: physical ruts are caused by mental ruts) then you might want to check out those authors or get hold of Bob Proctor’s stuff. You might dismiss it as bunk, but if you set aside your critical mind and allow yourself to try and stop questioning it all and just accept it for what it is, your life can change for the better too. In fact, I’m going to be monumentally cheeky here and actually give you a live link to where you can buy one of those books online:

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What have you got to lose? “NEXT!” That’s negative. Better: “What have I got to gain?”

Written by: Terry Didcott

Positive Thinking

This may seem like a pretty obvious thing but you would be shocked at how many people tend to have a predominantly negative outlook on life. There are many reasons for this and we shall go into some of them here. Once you can identify what is causing you to think negatively, you can change it. It’s like anything really. Understanding a problem helps you to fix it.

The problem in this case is having a mostly negative mindset. This goes for those who are well aware of their negative ways of thinking, but it also goes for people who might think they are pretty positive but are in fact driven by a negative outlook. I’ll explain how this can be.


You may think you are positive in your mindset, but still you will catch yourself complaining about things. You may not be doing that verbally or writing letters of complaint to companies, consumer groups or service providers, but in your thoughts you could be having an inner conversation with yourself on a regular basis that is criticizing something.

Maybe you’re stuck in traffic and you are silently cursing the slow moving vehicles in front of you, or thinking to yourself what is that idiot doing sitting there while the light is green! Or maybe you are walking along the road and see the trash hasn’t been collected and the bins are overflowing and you start a conversation in your head with the guy that runs that department and you’re telling him that he’s not doing his job properly.

We all do a lot of internal complaining and it may just seem a natural thing to do, but is it really necessary? Do you not think that running these inner conversations or arguments might not be a terrible waste of your mental energy?

They are and they are more than just “trains of thought” because you are putting a lot of emotion behind them. That emotion is often anger, frustration, irritation or annoyance because something that you are looking at or experiencing is not right to your way of thinking.

Whether you agree or not, that mode of thinking is negative. Yes it is!

Negative Thoughts Are Destructive

The problem with negative thoughts that are driven by negative emotions (anger, frustration, irritation, guilt etc) is that they take an enormous amount of mental energy to produce. That energy filters down to your subconscious where it gets converted into a negative physical situation that will go on in your body.

The subconscious cannot reason, think, apply logic or even understand a sense of humour. It is basic in its job which is to keep your physical body running the way it is instinctively programmed to do. Unfortunately (or fortunately, as you will see further along) you can influence the subconscious by your thoughts, whether they are negative or positive.

Negative thoughts will cause a negative physical reaction via your subconscious down to the basic operation of your body. It can result in a reduction in the creation of new, healthy cells and increase the destruction of old cells. It can inhibit the immune system and cause the digestive system to become less efficient.

It can create muscle fatigue and joint damage through an increase in body acidity and even increase body toxicity. In extreme cases it can induce a reduction in organ function and create abnormal cell growth, promoting disease and even cancer.

Of course, all that takes some effort to take in let alone believe. Most people don’t believe it, period. Most people don’t believe that the way they are thinking has any influence on the state of their physical health. Most people have their heads buried in the sand, or simply ignore any of this.

Enlightened people with open minds and the capacity to explore the fascinating wonders that are the interaction between the mind and the physical body will take more notice of this. I did some time ago and now I fully believe that the workings of the mind have everything to do with the state of the physical body and its health and life expectancy.

Positive Thoughts are Constructive

Where negative thoughts can affect the health in a negative way, positive thoughts can do the opposite and promote good health as well as increase life expectancy. That may sound like an incredible statement, but not when you listen to what quantum physicists and modern medical experts are now telling us.

That is that the body is made up of a mass of energy and that energy vibrates on a certain frequency. Our thoughts also vibrate on a certain frequency that changes according to our ruling mental state and what we are thinking about combined with our emotional state.

Like vibrations attract each other as surely as the waves being emitted by a radio station are picked up by a receiving device that, depending on the frequency it is set to receive will play a certain radio station’s broadcast. Our thoughts also broadcast a frequency that is picked up by our physical bodies.

If we are thinking positive, happy, healthy thoughts, then our bodies will react to that frequency and move into a positive, happy, healthy mode of being. New healthy cells will be produced in greater numbers to replace older, damaged cells. Body acidity and toxicity will be reduced. The immune system will be boosted. We will be more resistant to disease and illness and feel better in ourselves.

How to Think More Positively

The first step to enjoying a more positive, healthy outlook in life is to switch your predominant thinking patterns from the negative to the positive. But how do you do that?

It is easier than many people think, but it does involve a change in behaviour and a change in outlook. It will mean making some changes that you may not want to make as well as being more disciplined in your thinking (see: disciplinedthinking.com).

It will mean altering habits that you may have had all your life. But if you want change, then you are going to have to do this.

Stop listening, watching and reading the news!

The news is probably the single most destructive global thought directive of all time. The media bombards us with what it believes we want to hear about. Have you ever noticed that nearly all news stories, especially the headlines, are bad news to some degree?

Why do think that is?

It’s because the media believes that more people will want to read about natural disasters, famines, murders, terrorist attacks, drug trafficking, human defilement or events along those lines. Really!

The media is absolutely right about that.

Nothing sells more newspapers than a terrible disaster of some kind emblazoned all across the front page. People tune into news programs on the TV to see up-to-the-minute live footage of terrible events across the world.

But what’s happening in the minds of the people who are watching those TV news programs, or reading those terrible headlines?

They are being force-fed all these terrible events and they are reacting by getting mad at them. In their minds!

They are getting really, really angry that this or that could be allowed to happen. They are having a destructive conversation in their heads with someone about what should be done to stop this happening.

They are getting angry, frustrated and are venting that negative emotion right back at themselves. No one else is getting it. Because no one else can hear it!

It’s going on inside the heads of the people watching or reading those news stories! It goes on all day and they are still thinking about it when they go to bed.

How personally destructive is that?

Do you want to self destruct just because you have been gripped by the habit of watching or reading the news for all your life? You don’t have to. You can change any habit. You just have to want to.

If you stop allowing the news to invade your personal space, you will find that you will start making huge improvements in your life. Your health will improve for starters.

Because you are no longer carrying on so many destructive inner conversations about things that you can do nothing about. Because unless you intend to run for president, you cannot change what goes on inside your own country, let alone have any say in what happens in other countries around the world.

So why torture yourself about it? Why shorten your life and make yourself miserable when there is nothing you can do to change it?

No one is taking any notice of you screaming and ranting inside your head. Only you are. And only you are suffering physically for allowing yourself to get so uptight about events that are not your problem to concern yourself about or try and fix, because you can’t fix them.

If the news is the biggest generator of internal negative conversations in people’s head, then televised sports has to be the second. Except sports has a different set of rules.

Sometimes, when your team loses, you feel down, dejected and negative. But they don’t always lose, unless you’re a supporter of the lowest team in the league. They sometimes win and then you feel great, on top of the world, elated and jubilant!

But then you get all kinds of media interference. They like to criticize the actions of certain players on the field. They may have a dig at the manager of the team or start bringing up the team’s financial shortcomings.

This is all intended to get you back into that inner conversation where you are giving that commentator a piece of your mind, except they aren’t taking it because its only going on inside your head! Again, you’re off on a spiral of anger, frustration and negative emotional arguing in your thoughts.

So, as hard as it may be to switch off your favourite team, be it football, rugby, hockey or whatever, you are going to have to do it. You are going to have to distance yourself from the sport and get to a place where you can still enjoy the thrill of watching a game without getting angry at anything.

Leading by Example

You wouldn’t expect to take any notice of someone who told you not to do something while they went ahead and did it themselves. Like you wouldn’t take weight loss advice from an overweight chef, or take any notice of a drunk telling you not to drink!

So do I watch the news on TV or read newspapers? Not any more.

I used to, just like everyone else. I used to get angry about certain things and I used to have those inner conversations with myself trying to set the world to rights. All I got for my trouble was a toxic body and a negative disposition, depression, arthritis and a chip on my shoulder at the world in general.

But I don’t any more. I stopped reading newspapers, because I realised they were toxic. I rarely watch any TV because I realised there’s an even bigger ulterior motive going on there.

Doesn’t it strike you as interesting that all commercial channels have so many commercial breaks inside the shows you are watching and they come at the most inconvenient times? Does it make you wonder why the commercials always seem to come on just as you are getting to a really interesting part of the show? Or how aggressive those commercials have become?

Think about this:

Television now only exists to sell you things via the commercials.

It wasn’t always like that, although there has always been a strong advertising presence on television ever since I can remember. But in the last 20 or so years, there has been a shift in the emphasis on commercials. Do you notice that the volume of commercials is always louder than that of the shows they interrupt? Why do you suppose that is?

And why, with such advanced technology at our fingertips, is there no popularly available device that can skip over the TV ads during a show automatically for us? Why indeed!

You might argue that people should watch the commercials, because they are paying for the TV shows to be made and aired for your convenience. Who would you be arguing with? Yourself, in your mind, that’s who! And probably getting angry about it too!

I could go one step further and tell you that TV advertising is brainwashing you to buy a load of stuff that you don’t want or need. And the TV shows they inhabit are also brainwashing you and your children to believe certain political ideals and to embrace all sorts of social change that you may not initially agree with but will soon find that you do agree with it.

But you would probably draw the line there and say I was a crackpot!

But am I?

Doesn’t it strike you as odd that you have lost some of your freedom of speech? Or didn’t you notice that you had lost it. Or that you ever had it in the first place. But you don’t believe you have been brainwashed by the TV, of course! How could you be and not know it? Um…!

Okay, that about wraps this article up on the need for positive thinking, because it is getting way too long and you will lose interest, if you haven’t done already or didn’t do when I had the audacity to say something bad about your beloved television. Or football team.

It’s up to you whether you want to engage your brain and really think this through. You might begin to see a light that you never saw before and some of this might actually start to make sense. If it starts making too much sense, you might start actually believing it and want to know how you can change for the better. Well, I could write some more articles on this fascinating subject.

That is if you wanted to read them. Even if it’s to try and disagree with it. It’s a free world!

Terry Didcott