Finding a Niche to Target: Weight Loss

I can’t believe a month has flown past since I wrote that last tongue-in-cheek stab at the make money online niche that looked more like paella than money. Well, I have to say, I didn’t make a whole load of paella from it, but it gave me the idea to branch out into different niches and see where the land lies.

Only problem with doing that on a site like this is that too many people will read it and figure out which niches I’m looking at targeting. Now that’s a real nuisance as I want to make use of this blog’s authority to boost the fortunes of some of my other sites in niches where they can actually do very well, but I’ll also end up showing everyone else what to target and just create a whole load of competition for myself.

What to do, eh?

Well, I’m going to not post about a certain niche that I’m interested in here and see how many new sites crop up for the keywords in the next couple of weeks just to test this theory out. So here is a niche that you can really get your teeth into if you really must. But be warned, it may not be as easy as you think.

It has nothing to do with make money online, so if that’s where you’re aiming all your arrows, this will be of no interest to you. Its actually in the weight loss niche, so if you think that is too competitive for you, then you are probably right. Weight loss is one of the most competitive niches around and its is damn difficult to break into. But once you have, then it can also be quite lucrative if you know how to work it. All the usual suspects will work, some better than others and I’m bust testing different streams of income right now. Not here on this site, of course, but on other domains that I own and maintain.

Actually, this post isn’t even going to link to any of those site, just to annoy you if you were thinking of clicking through to see what I’m up to. Ok I lied a little. I’m going to link to my new weight loss page on this site. In any case, you won’t learn much from my weight loss sites any more than you will learn from all the other sites that exist on page one in the SERPs for their given keywords. They all do one thing and that is advertise this or that weigh loss program, diet food plan or exercise and fitness system that will help (or otherwise) people to lose weight. They do this while writing articles about them to pad their sites out with plenty of original content, which is what the search engines like to see in a site these days.

While this is supposed to be a personal blog and not really a money making niche blog of any kind, it is a useful tool for me to try things out with. After all, it is all about what I’m doing online – and I’m busy making a living here! So of course anything that I write about concerning my online exploits and business are valid, just they become less readable and more functional. Well, if functional is going to help my business more than readable (which it will), then so be it.

In this particular niche there are so many different keywords to target, its difficult to nail down any specific one right here from the long list of weight loss tips, diet food delivery plans, weight loss supplements, fitness exercise equipment and apparatus, specialized diets like low carb, high protein, low fat diets and all the rest.

Ok, this is just a toe in the water tester post to see what it does and what traffic it attracts from where, so if you were hoping for something more, sorry to disappoint, but some things need to be kept a little closer to the chest than others. If you want to go target weight loss as a niche to make money from, go knock yourself out!

Terry Didcott

Freedom Writers SubDomain Sites

In my last post Freedom Writers PR Chaos Again!, I looked at the new changes that seemed to come very early from Google with regards to Page Rank and how they affected this freedom writer and his sites. This time, I’m not going to go back into that rat’s nest of controversy, so instead I’ll get on to something that has got this freedom writers interested in subdomains again.

A while ago, I posted about the possible advantages of using a short, generic domain name to act as a base for keyword-specific subdomain names and then to set up subdomain niche sites that were tightly focused to exploit certain aspects of those niches.

Well, back then I didn’t get very far – only setting up a pretty good PayDay Loans site and creating several other niche sites but not populating them with much of anything. Time, or the lack of it was my freedom writers undoing!

Since then (and a few months have passed) I’ve had a little time to turn my attention to these neglected niche sites once again. Since I’ve been buying up expired domains, it has been painfully obvious to this freedom writers that in order to dominate any niches, I need several sites focused on each niche and there simply is not the quality of expired domain name available to do that effectively. Sure, one or two domains have come along and I’ve grabbed them, but in the main, most are rubbish and not worth the effort.

But from a freedom writers perspective, its back to the subdomain thing. Yes, they are free and the keyword is easy to place in the fully qualified subdomain.domain name. The downside is that they are not individual sites that can be sold at a later date for big profit. But if that’s not a concern and they’re really only for adding presence to any one niche where I have got a dedicated domain (or domains) with good sites set up, then its a very good idea to use them.

I’ve since updated two of my neglected subdomain niche sites with a nice template that I jigged together myself from a certain WordPress theme and modified it to work as static web pages. Well, they not only look pretty good, but they are SEO’d to the hilt and have a great additional money making feature. I’ll explain…

A while ago, I heard about BANS sites, so I decided to find out more about what they are, from a freedom writers curiosity. Essentially, BANS is a package you buy that gives you the ability to create sites that promote niche oriented products on eBay. You get a Commission Junction account, set up an affiliate account with eBay and then promote their stuff. Anything that your site promotes that directs a buyer to the auction and they buy, you get a commission on the sale.

Its a trick I was using almost a year ago but slightly differently – this freedom writers method back then was I scanned craigslist and found the want ads and simply contacted the owners of the ads and directed them to my affiliate link to eBay where there were a selection of the item they wanted. Same result, different method.

So BANs intrigued my freedom writers curiosity. Once I figured out that BANs was simply doing what I already knew how to do, except this time you use a website to do the promoting rather than actively researching craigslist, I set about finding how I could use eBay’s affiliate program to set this up. Its was easy!

There are editor tools that you can generate a search on a particular item, say, iPods. You put in your CJ id, create links and the the editor creates a search results panel you can display on your website. It looks pretty good and all I have to do is build some content around this tool on each of my subdomain sites and I have myself some free BANs style sites!

Ha! I’m a perennial tinkerer as well as a freedom writers and when I get an idea and have the time to follow it through, it amazes me what I can sometimes achieve! Why pay for some software to do what I can already do for myself?

So the Freedom Writer’s experiment is now on. It’ll take a while for the new sites to get recognised in the SERPs, but once they get up there, it’ll be interesting to see how much traffic they get, how high Google will place them and how much commission they can make for me by just sitting there as static niche sites.

We’ll see!

Terry Didcott