Talk About the Weather!

Hi once again! I’m back again in this hotbed of activity that is my own personal space that I can do pretty much whatever I want with. And you can tell how keen I am by the prolific posting that goes on here! Ok, let’s get down to why I’m spending some time in here when I should be spending it on more profitable sites.

I’d almost forgotten that this blog was initially intended as more of a scratch pad of my thoughts and ideas than what it seems to have become lately, which is more of a “what I’m doing with my online business” diary. So for this post at least, all that will stop and its back to the original aim of the blog. Which is what I’m up to other than the online stuff which seems to have hijacked most of my time.

So here I am, in a beautiful, warm country that is geared up for blisteringly hot, sunny days and for the past few weeks it has rained like it has never rained before! Ok, just yesterday Jan and I took baby for a lovely walk along the beach in the sunshine, but it was a brief respite as today it is raining again. How can this be? There are large expanses of Andalucia that are currently underwater where rivers have burst their banks and flooded low lying areas!

This is the sort of stuff I expect to hear in England where all it ever seemed to do was rain and be freezing cold. It cools down here in Southern Spain during the winter months, but rarely drops into single figures (Centigrade) and rainfall is something that the farmers pray for every year and rarely get enough to wet the ground. Every year since I’ve been here, we’ve been constantly reminded that the reservoirs have barely enough water in them to last the summer and we are on constant drought alert. This is normal as this part of Spain is naturally hot and dry.

It is why I chose to live here – I loathe the cold and the rain of England!

But this winter that all changed. The reservoirs are all full and the flood gates are all open because they can’t hold any more water. All low lying roads are deluged – ok, it doesn’t take much for that to happen as they have no camber and drainage is a joke. As I said, this part of Spain is geared up for hot… not wet!

Its as though the rest of Europe has finally managed to snare this temperate little corner of warmth and dragged it into its cold, clammy clutches at last!

I know this is only a temporary spate of unfortunate climatic shenanigans and someone “up there” is probably chuckling heartily at the irony of it all. I know that in a few weeks time it will all be forgotten and I’ll be back in the groove. I’ll be able to take an hour or two away from my frenetic battle with the Internet to wrest as much loot as I can from it. Then I’ll go strolling along the beach heading for a cold beer and a shady spot in which to drink it as if winter was a far off memory. But right now, all this extra wet stuff out there is keeping me in here and I’m having to spend even more time on this which is why I have found the time to come to my own personal space and write this!

Oh, and another reason why I live here in southern Spain is I was just so fed up with listening to all the negative Brits back in the UK going on and on and on about the confounded weather…

Terry Didcott