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Isn't this interesting? Here is a page on the subject of weight loss and it is attached to a freelance writer's own blog... for what purpose, I wonder?

Well here's my reasoning behind this little bit on the side, so to speak.

I have one or two dedicated weight loss websites that are building into nicely large, content rich sites. Their problem is one of authority, which I'm sure will come in good time, but for now they tend to get bumped around a fair bit in the old SERPs.

So until they stabilise, there's not much I can do except to keep adding more original content and hope they settle down soon. To help them of course takes promotion. And in that (this) niche, which is highly competitive to say the least, to rank anywhere decent will take a lot of that.

Incidentally, this article is an original written by me and is copyright to terrydidcott.com, so if it turns up on any other site, with this sentence intact, then it has been stolen and the offending website should be reported for content theft.

I'm making a point of adding that statement in one form or another to my new articles because I get tired of my articles being stolen, republished elsewhere then getting the damn credit for writing them. Some people are just total bastards. It's my little way of trying to fight back.

I can do more good by creating some more pages on the subject to help them along and provide a foil for sending some traffic their way.

So on to the subject of this page.

My intention is to write a series of weight loss related articles and publish them here on this site. To make it viable, I need a relevant category here but I don't want to make these actual blog posts.

To do this, WordPress provides a nice feature that allows me to create sub-pages from pages, rather than from posts. The main page, which is this one becomes the category home page and anchor for the several sub pages on the same subject, creating a relevant sub set of articles for this site.

So while this page itself doesn't need to be a full article on its own, it still makes sense to create it as an introductory page to my forthcoming weight loss series of articles that will all sub-index from this page.

Weight Loss Solutions

In writing this, I can actually follow my own past successes in weight loss as during my professional stint as a hypnotherapist, I guided many people to lose weight purely by utilising the power of their minds to cause their own drop in weight. I also used a similar technique upon myself, as working in a chair all day meant my own lack of exercise was causing my own weight to increase.

It's funny how weight increases so gradually you don't actually notice it. That is until one day your favourite jeans, which had been feeling a little tighter each time you put them on, suddenly won't do up! I'd been blaming my washing machine for shrinking them... yeah, I know!

What worked for me to help me get my weight down again?

I used visualization techniques during self hypnosis, where I saw myself in my body as it was at the correct weight. I also imagined myself putting on those jeans and them fastening easily as feeling so comfortable to wear because I was at my perfect weight.

After a few days of doing this, I noticed that I actually could get those jeans on again, although they were still a little tight, they fastened with no problems. I knew I was losing the weight I'd out on so continued until those jeans felt perfect and I was back to my old weight again.

It took just over a month in total, but it was easy and I didn't stress about writing down every bit of food or every minute spent on a treadmill or whatever some people do to try to lose weight.

What did happen during that time is that I found I wasn't so keen on snacking, where before I'd drifted into the habit of buying a Kit-Kat with my morning newspaper after I'd walked the dog and ate it with my mid-morning cuppa. Other little things happened, like I found I wanted to walk further and for longer with the dog in the mornings and evenings and even found myself wanting to take her for a walk at lunchtime when I had no clients to see.

It wasn't forced or scheduled. I just felt like doing these extra little things without really questioning why, even though it was my job to know exactly why these things were happening!

Auto suggestion coupled with vivid visualisation in hypnosis is a powerful tool for self correction when things get a little out of kilter, such as when you find you've put on a few pounds, or in my case, almost a stone!

I know from personal experience what works and what else can work when you put your mind to it. In fact, I wrote a more in-depth article about this very thing over in my hypnosis blog, entitled Think Yourself Thin, if you're interested in a slightly different angle and without me as the subject.

All that's left to do now is to get ready to start writing the additional sub-page articles on this subject now, where I'll look at several different ways and means of losing weight from diets, to exercise, to a combination of the two and everything else in between.

Terry Didcott

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