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After my last post Working Through The Night, which seems like ages ago (because it was!), I’d like to highlight the virtues of a really great additional source of income for anyone who is interested in writing. That’s a site called Constant Content.

Constant Content are an article/content brokerage website similar to the popular Associated Content (AC), with the big difference in that they accept work from authors worldwide, whereas AC only accepts authors from the US.

Another point that stands out is that the potential earnings from Constant Content are far in excess of AC, mainly as the method of selling the articles is rather different.

With AC, they accept your article and pay you for it – usually around $5-$7 per 500 word article although that increases the longer you are a member and the more articles you submit (and get accepted) to around $10 an article. These articles then become the property of AC which they sell on to website owners with “usage” rights, meaning they can resell the article again and again so it is not unique. I think we all know what my own thoughts are on duplicate content, so I won’t repeat myself here.

Constant Content are different in that when you submit an article you can specify how you want it to be sold – either usage (cheapest), unique or full rights (most expensive).

Now this is so important toi know: Most buyers come to Constant Content looking to buy full rights articles, meaning they become sole owners of the work and can put their name on it, which is why its the most popular form. It is also guaranteed original and unique content, which adds to its appeal.

For a full rights 500 word article the usual charge is around $40, of which the author gets 65% ($26), the rest is taken in commission by Constant Content.

The other difference is that Constant Content don’t pay you for your article right away, it sits in your portfolio and waits for a buyer. That’s the downside and a major reason why so many potentially great authors drop out, mainly through impatience at having to wait for their article to be sold.

Once an article is sold, you get paid (by Constant Content, not the buyer). The more articles you have in your portfolio, the more you’ll sell. Your portfolio builds up over time and provides authors with a constant flow of income as long as you keep submitting articles to keep it growing. As you get known by the regular buyers and if they like your work, you could get asked to do private work which I know several of the authors there do which can be very lucrative.

For my part, I’d rather earn $26 for a 500 word article whatever the subject may be, such as technology and gadgets, pets, health, celebrity news, music, arts, or whatever and wait a while for it, than get $5-7 straight away. I use Constant Content as another stream of income for those times when I’m between freelance writing projects.

If you feel like having a go at this, I’ll be blatant and give you my affiliate link:

Constant Content

I’ll be honest with you and tell you I make 5% from the earnings of each new author that signs up with my link, although it makes no difference to your earnings either way. You could ignore my link and go it yourself and that 5% will go direct into the pockets of Constant Content’s management instead of mine. So hey, don’t be selfish!

If its something you fancy doing, I thoroughly recommend Constant Content over AC if you want to make more for your work and don’t mind being patient. It brings me in an average of $100 a month for very little work on my part – I try to submit 4-5 articles a month. I know I could increase that a lot if I had the time to write more.

Of course, if you need cash fast and don’t mine being paid less than a third of what you’re work is worth, go for AC by all means. Ok, that was a low swipe, but the truth often hurts!

Should you opt for Constant Content, I’ll give you a timely tip:

Keep submitting quality work. You probably won’t sell anything right away. I didn’t sell my first article for over a month, but I kept at it. I’m a tenacious and persistent bugger, submitting work regularly and once my first article sold, others soon followed.

Constant Content publish a list of requested content on the site and also email you with new requests from buyers, so it helps if you write on the subjects they are asking for. Even if they don’t buy yours, it gives you a good chance of selling it to someone else and its a good gauge as what’s hot amongst buyers.

Good luck with your articles!

Terry Didcott

18 thoughts on “Constant Content for Writers”

  1. Terry,

    Thanks for the update. I was wondering how constant content does for people. I just gotta bite the bullet and give it a try. Unfortunately for your affiliate purposes, I’m already signed up.


  2. Hi Medic,

    No worries, while I’m always more than happy for people to sign up under my affiliate link I find lots that do never sell a single article there. It begs the question, why? That’s the main reason for this post, because I’m guessing many people don’t know how to get the best out of CC. I know lots just post the one article and when it doesn’t sell, they give up. Which is absolutely the wrong way to go about it! People need to submit at least 20 articles to begin with to stand a chance of selling one, and then keep adding more! Its persistence and dogged determination that pays off in this games, not hit and hope!


  3. I signed up and even got my first submission approved with no problem ! Way to go! You should be able to retire soon on the back of your % of my earnings LOL

  4. Ha! That’s great Lissie – just wait til you get your first sale. Now THAT feels good!

    And as you submit more articles, the sales will start to come more often and its a really nice way to make some extra money online from writing about things you enjoy. I know some of the authors there are really doing well and make it their full time job!


  5. Well I’ll give it a try and see what happens. No guarantee I’ll make anything from my article, but worth a shot in my spare time. 🙂

  6. Very helpful info Terry! I joined Constant Content thirty minutes ago and was glad to find your article to tell me more about submitting, charging for and earning from articles. This has been completely helpful. Thanks again.

  7. I’ve joined them, thanks to your article. I’m going to post several articles next week and I hope to be able to sell something. Thank you for posting about Constant Content.

  8. Hi Terry,
    Thanks for the great article. I’ve been with Constant Content for a while and agree with you: it’s a great place to put up some articles and the more quality writing you get there, the better. I’ve also had about 50 people sign up through the Affiliate Link, and only three sell something, so I agree with your comments. I’ve often had the same thoughts myself.

    Great post and I’ll definitely come back to check out new posts. Cheers!

  9. You’re welcome Simonne, sorry it took me so long to reply to your comment. Must be busy writ5ing stuff I guess! 🙂

  10. Master Dayton, thanks for dropping by and I’m glad you enjoyed the article. Fifty sign-ups is pretty good going but it’s amazing how many people do sign up then do nothing.

  11. Terry – thanks, just am looking into CC, already signed up thru someone else, but am just researching more folks experiences with it.

  12. I am thinking of signing up for constant content and don’t mind doing a referral. Do you have to pay to join or do they simply make their money taking a percentage of your fee as you make a sale. I appreciate your response. Also, if you respond, just let me know what I need to do to submit you as a referral. Abby G.

  13. Hi Abby,

    You don’t pay to join, they take a 35% commission from each article you sell (so you simply price them high enough to make sure you get what you want). I usually price a 500 word unique article at $40 so I get $26, which is ok.

    To sign up with my referral, simply click my link to Constant Content in the above post and they will know you came from my site. That’s all you do to join!

    I’d advise writing lots of articles for them and building up your portfolio of original articles – that way you stand a better chance of selling more. Too many people sign up, submit one or two articles then wait to sell them before submitting any more. Of course they are disappointed and don’t do any more, which is a shame and a waste because CC really does work if you put the work into it yourself.

    Good luck!


  14. Hi there, i am looking for websites that i can submit my stories to for the links, rather than for selling purposes. Does anyone know any good ones?

  15. Well, I guess I’ll have a go at this. I do some affiliate marketing, but I like just writing articles, instead of writing them for click-purposes.
    So, guess I’ll use your affiliate link then. 🙂

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