Freelance Writing Meets Internet Marketing

Welcome back to this freelance witter blog of mine. I’m going to re-visit the whole freelance writing thing from a slightly different perspective in this post. I’m not going to promote it as a way to make money online, although it absolutely is. I’m going to take a look at where it can take you in terms of growth, then show you what is possible when freelance writing meets Internet marketing.

There is one great problem with working as a freelance writer online which mirrors working at most forms of gainful employment and that is there is a ceiling on what you can earn. Ok, for some writers who can command a good rate for their work, that ceiling is higher than for most but its still there in the form of time.

What I’m getting at in my usual roundabout fashion is that there are only so many hours in the day and a writer, no matter how prolific, can only write so many words before the physical limitation of the need for sleep shuts them down for the day! So there’s the ceiling. Even if you work flat out, seven days a week you will hit the ceiling because online, especially now in these times of economic turmoil, there is only so much that content writers can expect to be paid.

Unless you are fortunate enough to be able to make the leap from content writer, or ghost writer to full blown, published author in your own right, the sky is considerably higher than the limit.

I know of several freelance writers who are just about at the top of their earning potential and they are not enjoying an easy life by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, in order to earn the kind of money that represents financial freedom, they are literally working their arses off seven days a week, twelve hours a day stuck in a chair chained to a computer. That’s no life! At least not one that has a pot of gold waiting at the end of all those long hours of toil.

This is the problem. Once you’ve worked so hard for a month and made a decent income, paid all your bills and everything else, you can’t sit back and relax while the next month looks after itself. To sustain that income you have to keep going. And keep going some more until you’ve saved enough to allow you to take a couple of weeks off and have a nice holiday. At the end of the holiday, what have you got to look forward to? The endless grindstone, that’s what.

In fact, its no different from working at a job, except you get to work from the comfort of your own home. The downside is that no company would expect you to work 12 hours a day, seven days a week. Ok, the pay and the conditions may be worse at a J-O-B and you’d probably have to commute (I’d rather shove bamboo splinters up my fingernails) and job security no longer exists, but at least you’d get weekends off and a few weeks paid holiday.

So am I advocating quitting the freelance writing game and returning to gainful employment?

Absolutely not!

I’d sooner commit Hari Kari than work for someone else ever again! But there is an alternative to slogging the hours away writing content that still allows you to stay at the computer and work from home. Its just that it also takes a monumental amount of work, time and perseverance to pull it off.

I know so, because its exactly what I’m doing. Its a marriage of two disciplines, where freelance writing meets Internet marketing. Writing and building a business that has no ceiling on earnings. While still working as a freelance writer I can transfer the writing skills I have to building my ever growing collection of websites which are quietly growing in size and authority with the search engines. I already make money from my freelance writing, and I’ll keep that side going because it would be foolish to stop. But now I also make money online from my websites and the monthly earnings keep growing, steadily month by month.

The Internet marketing income comes from different sources, but the main ones are affiliate commissions on products, services and merchandise that I promote on certain websites, advertising revenue and PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising from Google Adsense. This is what is known as Internet Marketing, or selling/marketing for profit using the Internet as your medium. This income grows in direct proportion to the volume of sites I have out there and their increase in age, stature and authority as they mature. There is no ceiling on this area of income as the Internet is huge, steadily growing and will continue to grow for the foreseeable future.

This income will gradually displace the freelance writing income and become a kind of income that is what is known as passive, meaning that it will continue whether I sit here in front of my computer slaving away, or sit on a beach enjoying a day off, or lying fast asleep in my bed. Its 24/7 income that just keeps coming. Of course, the more I put into it now, the more it will continue to grow, making for an ever upward spiraling source of income that will not stop if I decide to take a holiday, which it certainly would do if I were relying solely on income from writing.

Is this an easy thing to do? No it is not and when I said it takes perseverance, I’m talking 2 years of learning, implementing what I learned, making mistakes, suffering setback after setback and still hammering away at it until I started showing a profit. I still suffer setbacks and still make mistakes, but they are fewer and father between these days. There is a very bright light at the end of this very long tunnel and getting there has been extremely trying. Luckily for me, I’m a stubborn, tenacious bastard when I get an idea in my head and decide to go for it! Once I get the bit between my teeth, I’ll keep going at it until it pays off.

Failure is a word that does not exist in my vocabulary. Setback and obstacle I can take, because I know that these can be overcome with dogged perseverance, belief and sheer tenacity. Most people give up too soon in this game and that’s a shame, because it really can be done and you really can make a decent living from the Internet if you’re willing and prepared to take everything it can throw at you and still bounce back to progress toward that point where you’re in profit and the money that comes in pays the bills and keeps growing so that the next holiday will be better than the last!

Do you think you’re up for that?

Terry Didcott

7 thoughts on “Freelance Writing Meets Internet Marketing”

  1. Its the bloody train Terry -run LOL! Its quite ironic – today I spent hours doing keyword research then I posted a request for 19 articles on an article writing site! I could write the things myself – but it would take me days cause I’d procastinate a lot, they are very boring topics. The reality is that I am taking the risk – maybe the keyword research is wrong – maybe I won’t make any money for those articles – but these days I have a bit more confidence and I am prepared to back myself. The keyword research is key – the writing is just an small step along the way – to getting on that luxury train – one day – soon (ish)!

  2. Aaaarrggh!!! Lis, I wake up in the middle of the night sometimes with that nightmare. The London Underground and my daily commute into the City to work my brain into mush for a (admittedly decent) wage to make The Bank exponentially richer!

    Well bollocks to all that. Never again as long as I live!

    I’m burning a lot of time with the Adwords tool plus Google too, looking for those little nuggets of real KW gold hidden in amongst the tons of pyrite. And its soooo worth it, risk and all.

    Ok, I tend to write the stuff myself still, as it doesn’t really take me all that long. But I’m leaning towards outsourcing some of it, especially now the summer is here and its nice to spend a few hours down by the beach – no laptop allowed!

  3. Oh shut about the beach- its winter here in Perth -its only been winter for 2 weeks but I am over it already! When I have those gold nuggest all lined up and producing I am going to follow the sun around the planet!

  4. Freelance writing, or ghost writing, can be a good replacement for a lousy job. However, if one has a job that’s not too demanding but making decent money, they should better stick to the job. Internet marketing is another story: it surely feels great to go on vacation when you like and still earn money as if you were working. Too bad I have to drive for 4 hours to get to the nearest beach here. I’ve started to consider relocating to Southern Spain.

  5. Simonne, Southern Spain is perfect for Internet marketers. Ok not as perfect as actually being in the US as there are more opportunities.

    But if you have to be in Europe, why not be somewhere its nice and warm most of the year, damn hot for 3 months of it and only cold for a few days here and there!

    On the Costa del Sol, its become overdeveloped in places, but now the economic crisis has hit, property prices are tumbling, ex-pats are going home because there are no jobs and the tourist trade is declining because the Spanish bar, restaurant and hotel owners are too greedy and stupid to lower their prices to attract the tourists.

    Better for those of us who make our living from the Internet!

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