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Its probably about time I went back to grass roots and wrote a post about writing, which is what I do! This one is not of the tutorial type, nor is it probably going to inspire anyone to get into this business unless they are already determined that it is what they want to do.

Let’s just get a few things straight, before I get started. I’m not going to be talking about writing novels or writing editorials for magazines, newspapers or journals. Not even content writing for assignments with other website owners. This is about writing for myself (or in your case, yourself).

First of all, you have to know why you would want to write for yourself. You can’t pay yourself for the finished result and if you are not going to sell it to someone else, then you might be forgiven for wondering why you would even do it! To illustrate that point, I’m going to tell you why I do it.

In the beginning, when I started in this business towards the end of 2006, I built one real website, which was my hypnosis site (www.hypnosic.com) as this was my profession back in the 1990s and I wanted to recreate the free site I built back in 1996 and improve on it with my own domain. My plan was to once again sell my own hypnosis CDs online, a side to my business that actually worked for a while back in 1996! For the record, I didn’t sell enough (it was cassettes then) and dropped the idea. Mmmm.

Come back to 2006 and I felt there was more to the Internet than just trying to sell a few CDs. So I also built a collection of free blogs on a variety of subjects and started writing posts in the belief that if I put enough content out there in the web-o-sphere, then I would eventually attract readers and that would attract advertisers to my blogs and I would make pots of money and retire to a beach somewhere. Oh, just a mo… that sounds a little like The Internet Marketing Dream!

Of course, I failed to make a dent in the money making side of that plan but this time, I didn’t give up. I could see the potential despite all the scamming IM gurus that were milking noobs like cash cows and was thankful that I didn’t get sucked into that side of the business. I got lucky in a way and was gifted with a pre-launch free copy of a marketing ebook called My Secret Articles by a well respected and honest marketer called Steven Wagenheim. It taught me a lot of what I needed to know and how to avoid the pitfalls that trap so many other newcomers to this business. It covered just about everything from Affiliate Marketing to basic SEO and the many ways of promoting an online business. It was my bible in those dark days when there was not much else available.

One of the most important things I learned from Steven was how to write articles that I could sell. I started selling them via Constant Content and made some money but made more by attracting some paying clients who liked my work. That was great for a while as it meant I could make my living directly from the Internet doing something I enjoyed doing.

Like most things with me, I soon get disillusioned with certain things that don’t do enough to keep my interest. Writing was okay, but I soon realised that in order to keep earning money, I needed to keep writing. if I stopped writing, I stopped earning money. On the other hand, if I were to build more websites and promote them in the right way, I would attract organic search traffic that would buy whatever that website was selling. I had already bumped into Griz and Vic by this time and could see the way in which they were making a killing with this model. The trick was to work very hard at it because there was no easy way.

It was like looking over the fence at the greener grass on the other side, except I knew with full conviction that the grass on that other side really was greener.

I made the decision to put more of my efforts into building more and better websites that were better targeted to selling things that people wanted to buy. Then I went about finding affiliate programs that would enable me to promote products that I would earn commission for selling them. All the while, I kept writing to pay the bills while I watched my passive income start to trickle in. I should also mention Adsense here, as some of the websites were laid out better for that kind of PPC income and some started to attract income from that quarter.

But things were growing way too slowly. The sites I was building were not ranking well enough in Google to attract the traffic that would mean plenty of sales and/or clicks. I started devoting more of my writing time to building up those sites as well as some supporting sites that were built around what is known as long tail keywords (longer phrases that people search for regularly in the search engines) so they could also rank for their own terms and then send links to the main sites in their relevant niches.

This started to show promise as some sites started to rank better and with more original content and backlinks, were starting to outrank some of the top sites for certain keywords. It was still taking a long time to really happen, but I could see that light at the end of the very long tunnel and being a tenacious bloke, I just kept on and on hammering away at it. I was writing a huge amount of articles, using Hub Pages, Ezine, Infobarrel, Squidoo and other free places to build mini-sites that could send links and traffic to my main sites. The number of original articles I have written for this, to date must register in the several thousands. I lost count of them all some time ago.

The result so far is that I now devote nearly all my time to writing articles for my own websites, blogs and those mini-site places and am rewarded with a full time income from those websites. I haven’t stopped, by the way. There is plenty more to do and more money to be made from further expansion and a ton of more work in writing, building and promoting.

That’s why I succeed in a business where so many fail. Because I know what I have to do and I do it. Its hard work and most people will shy away from hard work, but if you want to make a success of this business and make a full time income from the Internet, then its the only way that is going to happen. Working hard and writing for a result is my way.

Terry Didcott

2 thoughts on “Writing For a Result”

  1. What a second post for 2010 – not that I can talk either! Question – do you out source the writing much – I have been trying to but haven’t found the right person yet

    1. Ha! If this blog actually made me money, I’d probably post more often. As it doesn’t, my efforts are all for the sites that do make the money! This is just a place to sound off every once in a while.

      Lis, as for outsourcing, so far, the answer’s no. I’ve thought about it often enough, but I’m stuck in a spiral of needing to get the content out fast (it really has to be original), so I can’t be waiting for an outsourcer to do it and then probably have to spend more time editing their work before publishing it. Its pretty fast for me to write articles from scratch as I can bang out 500 words in under 30 minutes. At full steam I’m writing around 10 a day which is keeping up with my network’s needs. Although I’d love to have 100 articles sitting there for me to just cut/paste into my sites or into postrunner etc, but where do you find someone who is reliable and can produce that level at reasonable quality for a reasonable price?

      So its just been better for me to do it myself – I get full control then and I know what is going into my own sites, which is important.

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