Writing in the Heat

My last post was all about writing and making use of Constant Content for Writers, as a source of income online. This one takes a turn for the worse as the heat is turned up here in southern Spain, making the process of getting much work done a difficult one.

We are of course now in the hottest month of the year, but the last weeks have been particularly hot. In fact the met people are calling this one of the hottest summers on record so far! Global warming, it seems has returned with a vengeance, at least in this corner of the world!

With the hot Saharan wind (el terral) making going outdoors seem like standing in a hairdryer and pushing daytime temperatures up to around 40ºc its no wonder most construction ceases this month and people stay indoors either sitting in the dark bemoaning “que calor, que calor” or collapsing in front of the aircon unit devoid of the energy to get up again!

I don’t have aircon in my place here on the Costa del Sol, but thankfully it is shaded well enough on the sunny side by a large jasmine plant I planted 4 years ago and strategically placed toldos (blinds) to keep the temperature down below 27ºc, which is still comfortable. Well, comfortable or not, it’s still hot enough to make a good writer feel less like writing and more like going down to the pool with a cold beer or several!

Well, we all know how much that would accomplish, none of it having anything remotely to do with getting any work done.

So I sit here and carry on regardless, keeping my chin up and fingers moving in an effort to at least justify spending these hours in front of this computer building websites and making the most of my own blog host. Which, incidentally for those to whom it may matter a jot, is powered by an AMD Athlon processor which runs at about 42ºC, the heat from which is pumped relentlessly out of the rear of the box housing it into the room where I’m working and trying to keep from overheating! Bad choice when I built this thing – I should have gone for a cooler running Intel chip. But of course it was something I didn’t find out about until after I’d built it, so moot point really!

So back to this heated writing ramble which is not really going anywhere apart from informing the rest of the world that Malaga is actually as hot, if not hotter than most of the traditionally sun scorched cities in the interior of Spain, the inhabitants of which tend to flock to these shores in their millions this month to escape from the heat of their homes. Only this year, they’re literally jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire as it doesn’t look like the wily Africans are going to turn off their northward facing wind machines (its all a conspiracy, didn’t you know…) anytime soon.

I can see our communal pool from the window I keep catching myself blankly staring out of and the few people that are there look like they’re really enjoying themselves. Now where did I leave those cold beers…

Terry Didcott

2 thoughts on “Writing in the Heat”

  1. LOL – well it finally stopped raining today in Perth -its rained a lot in the last month – wettest winter for 6 years apparently. Today the sky was blue and it was 18C – very pleasant! Come February though I will know what you mean – we hit 45C last summer – and we are one of the 10% of Perth’s population that doesn’t have a/c!

  2. Ha, I don’t remember it ever getting that hot in Sydney either, but that was 30+ years ago when I lived there – global warming? What global warming is that then???

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