This is the home page for the music category of the website. The theme is of course music and how it plays a major role in my life as a musician in my spare time or as a hobby where I get to play semi-professionally in a gigging band here in southern Spain.

Since I play in a band, it's only fair to provide an image with us playing live.

the band live at the gin bar 2022In this instance, we're live at a place called the Gin Bar in Riviera del Sol back in 2022 and that was the line-up at the time.

Playing music at live events in my own band is a passion of mine and whatever anyone might tell you, it does keep you young (at least feeling young)!

It's more of a hobby than anything else, but I think you'll agree, what a great hobby to have!

What I'll be writing about in this section of the website is mostly what I'm up to in the band a well as any writing and recording of my own songs I'm doing.

Writing Music

Yes, believe it or not, I do write my own songs and perform them in the band where possible in addition to playing some popular covers.

I have been writing songs since I was a teenager and while they may or may not be all that great, I do get some really nice comments from members of the audience abou them.

You might be wondering why I'm not famous with a string of hit records under my belt.

Well, I guess that's just the luck of the draw. I admit I didn't really push myself in that direction when I was younger, what with working at a good job and life being a bit too easy back then.

The Music Industry

Looking back, if I could have that time over again, I think with hindsight I would have been more likely to have taken chances and put myself out there more forcefully.

Let's face it, the music industry is and always was a shit storm of exploitation, pushing young and good looking people regardless of their musical talents in place of what were obviously talented people but maybe they just didn't fit the current fad model of what the record companies though they could profit off of.

Yes, I'm very cynical about the whole music business, but it's obvious how manipulative it is to anyone who really looks. The most popular recording artists are mostly young and good looking and these days they don't even need to know how sing in tune, thanks to the technology that is known as "auto-tune."

As for the really talented musicians out there, a huge percentage are never known about outside their local area. If they put themselves out there, its often only to play local gigs in pubs and clubs.

So while the locals get to enjoy real talent, a larger, countrywide or even worldwide audience never knows anything about them. If only musicians would be recognised on their true merits on not how they look, the popular music charts would be very different.

Going Forward

To summarise, being a musician and playing in a band is a big part of my life that brings me immense enjoyment.

So I'll be writing on that subject and publishing articles dedicated to this, my main hobby so even if nobody of musical importance ever gets to know about me, I'll be out there in the ″webiverse!″


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