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Lately I've been toying with a few different ways of getting certain websites in front of more eyeballs for the obvious reason. At least they're obvious to anyone who does what I do online to earn my crust.

terry didcott playing live at zz pub 2023To anyone else, it's just what it looks like it is:

Promoting videos of music performed by the band or by myself (solo). I have my reasons and while I thought about sharing some nuggets of IM gold here, I don't want to give away too much.

Not that a whole lot of IM'ers actually read this blog of mine, since I haven't been writing in it lately and I never really gave out much of what I knew in here anyway.

But since it's no great secret that I'm working on a music related site with the band's promotion in mind as well as sneaking in some affiliate ads to make it pay its way, I'm going to share something here.

But first, the first of a series of videos I'm shooting for the site:

Cool Video

Here is a simple video of myself playing a simple song that I wrote on the fly for this purpose:

After watching that, you're probably thinking that he didn't really put much thought into it and he didn't even use a professional video recorder. You'd be right on both counts.

I shot it at home, on my phone and while I did bother to edit out the lead in and tidied up the intro and outro, I left in the obvious mistake and didn't even sing very well on it. I had a cold at the time (my lame excuse) and since I'm at home, I can't exactly sing at full volume (I have a pretty loud singing voice) so couldn't pitch it very well.

So why did I upload it to the band's Youtube channel and why am I showing it here?

As I said, I want to promote the band, the site and the youtube channel. The best way to do that is to put up lots of videos, even very amateurishly shot ones like this video and get 'em linking to the site. Again, to all non-IM'ers that probably makes plenty of sense. And it does.

To IM'ers, it's old news. So where is the nugget of gold?

It's in there if you look. Here's a hint. I link to the video from blog and static site posts. The video links to my site.

As for the music business, it's a slow start and that's fine since I'm marking time while the band gets its recordings finished so I can go in and mix them over Christmas ready for the CD we'll be releasing. That's when I'll want that Youtube channel getting some regular views because I'll be promoting some of the songs on there as free downloads.

That's the plan!

This article was originally posted on: Dec 8 2014



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