Terry Didcott

I'm Terry Didcott: Musician, Author, Internet Marketer and builder of websites (including this one).

terry didcottWelcome to my personal website and portal to my journey through the intricate windings of the world wide web in pursuit of generating a sustainable income.

This is something I have done since I first got really started in 2006, but didn't start generating an actual, repeatable and sustainable online income until later in 2007. Since those early days, I've had my fair share of ups and downs.

Making money online takes a lot of thought, work and perseverence. It can be relatively easy if you know what you're doing, which I do. However, if you don't know what to do, it can seem like the hardest thing ever!

Luckily, I had some good teachers along the way, although I didn't actually enroll in any formal teaching courses. I just connected with some people that were making money and copied what they were doing, asking questions along the way where needed.

Diversified Income Online

not your fault

The big secret that I uncovered is that in order to succeed in this business, I needed to create not one, but multiple streams of income.

That is essentially the only way to realistically scale up the income. One stream of income is just that and if it fails, all your income is gone. With multiple streams of income, others continue even when one or more fails so that the money keeps coming in regardless.

One of the things I discovered more recently is that it is possible to make some pretty good money from selling merchandise with original designs using a print-on-demand model.

Here is an example of things like tee shirts and other printables that I'm selling through Redbubble, the popular go-to online store for all kinds of great printed items:

A Passive Income

The kind of income that frees me from the shackles of having to "go to work" at a J-O-B for a "boss" and liberates me financially from the rest of the rat race...

Or as I like to visualize it as a herd of sheep-like rats scurrying around following their tails or the tail of the sheep-rat in front.

I like the concept of freedom a lot and that's what I believe is our ultimate right as human beings. To be free to live the way we choose to live and where we choose to live, eat what we choose to eat, do what we choose to do as long as it doesn't hurt or take something away from anyone else.

I find it absurd that anyone would blindly follow another person in whatever they do if they're not genuine and know what they're doing!

sheep rat raceYet the vast majority of people do exactly that. They don't know they're doing it, but they do it all the same.

An example is fashion. Who in their right mind would pay good money for and actually wear that crap that fashionistas parade on TV like it's the most important thing to have after oxygen?

However, I digress. This site isn't about fashion or those dedicated followers of it, or about how to be a good little sheep and do what you're told as you follow the herd around and around. It's about me searching for a better way of life and being told the truth and, ultimately, enjoying life.

To do that though, requires being awake, aware and keeping my eyes open and my wits about me.

Buck the Trend

You might gather from the general tone of this website that I'm not particularly interested in following whatever everyone else is doing or following. I like to question things that I'm confronted with and analyse what I find. In short, I'm awake and I demand and expect the truth.

I have a very low opinion of the way civilisation has enslaved people into believing the only way to live is:

  1. Go to school
  2. Get the best qualifications you can
  3. Get a job or jobs throughout your adult life

That is until it comes time to retire and then you just mark time as you wait patiently for your god to take you.

Is that really any way to spend a life?

All that "the way it is" stupidity roughly equates to trading valuable time and life-force for money. It's the worst way to make money and doing it that way will never produce true financial freedom.

It took me 50 years to really figure it out, which is deplorable for someone with average or better intelligence. Not any more my friends.

Personal Development

It might surprise anyone who really knows me (I mean physically as opposed to virtually as in online), but I have been busily learning all I can about how to work with the laws of nature to improve myself mentally and discover the truth about life for myself to the point where I can see life from a different angle to most people.

That's how I can see clearly that entire civilisations across the world are living a life designed by someone else.

It might annoy a lot of people to be told they are caught up in a great lie and the above scenario for living your life like countless millions of people do is programmed into you practically from birth by a system that is designed that way. Even more annoying is to be told that what you believe to be "free will" is actually not "free" at all.

However, another thing I have learned along my journey is there is not much point in trying to tell someone who firmly believes what they believe is the truth that their reality is really a lie. It's not so much of "a leopard can't change its spots," as that leopard will only change its spots if it wants to.

So while I do write about how it is possible to develop yourself and raise yourself up above where you are now, the only people that are going to accept it and run with it are the few in every thousand that choose to step out of their safe zone and dare to challenge their own beliefs.

Website Redesign

It's only fair to mention that I have redesigned the website quite extensively for a number of reasons. Those of you that remember the old "blog" will notice the interactive features of a blog have gone. That's because I deleted the old Wordpress install and reverted the site back to what is best called a "static" site or "html" site.

Why did I do that?

I really do not like Wordpress very much. There are many reasons why I am systematically backward engineering my websites from interactive blogs to flat file static sites.

At the last count, I have about a dozen Wordpress blogs left (out of around 300 websites). I have a separate article on the why's and wherefore's of my decision to take this route with my own web properties (see the navigation listings at the foot of the page).

Internet Marketer

I mentioned above that this is what I do to make money online and provide myself with a good income independent of a boss or overseer of any kind. What, you may well ask (if you don't know) is an Internet Marketer?

Here's another aspect of my life that is not really comprehensible to most people I know, but it's very real and really does produce a very good return on my time with the almost limitless potential to grow to terrifying heights. I have some older blog posts that I have retained that talk about this.

To explain it as simply as I can, I make money in the form of commissions from promoting and generating sales of third party products and/or services on my websites. It's an interesting way of multiplying my time because with some help from my extensive knowledge of search engine optimisation (SEO) I am able to create visibility of my web pages in search engine listings for relevant search terms (keywords).

This enables me to write the content for my page once, promote it once and then let the Internet work for me by providing a steady stream of visitors to each web page who are searching for the kind of quality information I provide. A percentage of them will buy the product/service via an advertisement or promo link and I get paid.

It is not quite true passive income, as some maintenance needs to be done in the SEO area (I'll explain that on another page). But it means that work I do once becomes a repeating income generator for as long as the page is being found by people looking for it.

What they generally find is a well researched and detailed product/service review that tells them what they want to know about the product/service before they buy it. If they are satisfied they have all the information they need, they can click the convenient image or text link on my page and be redirected to the product/service sales page where they can make their purchase.

The click is tracked so the vendor knows the buyer came from my page.

That's how it works in a nutshell.

If you think you can do that too, you'd be right. Anyone can do this - all you need is:

Oh, and you also need the self discipline to do the learning and get the work done that needs doing each day and the self-belief that you can do it.


Yes, I have actually written and published two books and it was my intention to expand on that and get some more into print. What stopped me was I was finding that writing can be terribly time consuming and since my journey involved freeing up as much of my time as possible, this turned out to be in contrast with my goals.

I haven't ruled out publishing more books, but for the moment, concentrating on the Internet Marketing side of my "working" time it is a better use of that time.


In my spare time I play guitar and sing in a local band here in southern Spain. I used to play bass guitar, but circumstances changed in 2017 and I was fortunate enough to be able to resume playing my first instrument (and instrument of choice). The good old guitar.

That story is told best on my dedicated music website at webmusicstar.com where I feature the band (called Karma) and write about musical things that interest me and that I believe will interest anyone living here who likes to go and watch a live band play great music. The big attraction of our band is we play a lot of original material as well as a variety of covers - not many other bands do that here.

As a treat, I have included a video of one of my own songs played by the band at a local biker's club (616 Road Demons clubhouse in an inland town called Coin). It was recorded by a friend of ours in 2017 before the band actually changed personnel.

I played guitar on just three songs at that gig, playing bass on the rest (the guy playing my bass was the lead guitarist, who has since left the band).

Some Fun Music

This was originally posted in 2013: Just for a change and to get away from work, I finally got around to editing and uploading a video of the band that was shot at one of our live gigs here in the south of Spain in a country hotel called "Luna Azul". It's not a professional video by any stretch, just one taken by our drummer's old man on his cool Nikon camera.

But it's fair enough to put up and the sound is pretty good considering the size of the place (it's tiny). This is the band's original format with me playing bass.

The song in question is ska, one of only two we currently do (although we plan on writing more). I wrote it as a sort of tribute to the Madness tribute band I played in several years ago called "One Step Beyond" - hence the name of the song. It's a tongue-in-cheek swipe at the old Madness song "Night Boat to Cairo" as you'll probably guess from the structure and a couple of pretty obvious lines...

Without further ado, here it is:

OK, that's as much as I want to put on this homepage for now. The rest of my writings going back to 2007 has been retained in separate pages that can be accessed below.